Significance of the LCPS Energy & Environment Team Logo


    To begin, we would like to thank Abigail Burkel, a student at the C.S. Monroe Technology Center for creating the LCPS EE Team Logo.  Her artistry and understanding of our program to reduce the use of energy throughout the school system led to this beautiful design that we look forward to using for many years to come.  In addition we want to thank Pam Smith, Abigail’s Graphic Design teacher for the untiring support she gives to all her students.  Finally, we would like to thank Wagner Grier and Kim Thomas the kind administrators at the C.S. Monroe Technology Center who allowed this project to take place.  We would like to share what our new logo means to us.


    The Upper case and lower case letter “E” are reminiscent of the Elementary School wall alphabet that so many classrooms have proudly emblazoned across the room.  First and foremost, ours is an educational organization.  This mission of education must be central to all decisions made throughout the school system.  We take our role as educators seriously, and as such, we appreciate the symbolism that the letters provide.


    The colors used are bold and cheerful.  We want to show that our team is actively taking a role in being a positive influence and that our methods will be clear and obvious.  The fact that three colors are used in the design keeps us focused on the three considerations given to any energy conservation measure before it is approved:  Will the proposed action adversely affect health & safety, productivity, or the educational process?  If so, any possible savings are not worth risking the negative repercussions.


    In addition, each color represents a specific influence to our program.  Yellow alludes to the sun.  The power of the sun signifies the future hope that all energy used by humankind has the potential to be renewable.  It is a national goal to reduce our reliance on non-renewable energy sources such as fossil fuels and our program supports that goal.  Sustainability and reduced environmental impact are important aspects of the LCPS Energy Education program.


    Green is the color used by everyone to represent our environment, which is all too fragile.  In these times when consciousness regarding environmental impact is rising, we are pleased to have been making a significant contribution to the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions for fifteen years.  For us, being green is what we do.  Encouraging others to make decisions which will protect our planet is one of the core methods used in implementing our program.


    Blue reminds us that in addition to reducing energy use, our team is tasked with reducing water use as well.  Although water can be reused indefinitely, it must not be used in a wasteful manner, one must consider the amount of energy that goes into every gallon of water that flows through our faucets.  Water pumping, treatment, and sewage processing are all energy intensive.  When we reduce water use, we do more than just use less water, the environment benefits in multiple ways.


    Finally there is the crescent.  The crescent shows that everything we use comes from the Earth and will eventually find its way back to the Earth.  This cycle of renewal is echoed in the motto: “Reduce, Reuse, Recycle.”  The students of today who are brought up in a world where these are not just ideas, but a way of life, will shape the future.  The LCPS EE Team is proud to be a part of this process. 

Last Modified on December 19, 2013