• Indicator 1.2

    The school's leadership and staff commit to a culture that is based on shared values and beliefs about teaching and learning and support challenging, equitable education programs and learning experiences for all students that include achievement of learning, thinking, and life skills.

    1. APL Website:  APL Associates conduct a week-long summer training with teacher from Dominion High School and across LCPS.  The training focuses on specific instructional skills to support the shared values and beliefs that Dominion adheres to.
    2. Book Talks:  Teachers receive copies of books that support engaging practices and participate in year long book talks.
    3. Coaching Visitation Form:  The walkthrough form that was used outlines the shared practices that teachers are expected to use during their lesson.
    4. Staff Retreat Schedule:  The staff begins each year by committing to our shared values, beliefs and school culture through the staff retreat.  The staff is lead through session that support our 2020 Vision and are given opportunities to collaborate within their department. 
    5. Concurrent Session Schedule:  One day of the staff retreat is used to build capacity in teachers to carry out upcoming Clubhouse lessons, be introduced to any new initiatives at the school, and address any district-wide initiatives in their department meetings.
Last Modified on December 15, 2016