• Our Accessibility Commitment

    Loudoun County Public Schools (LCPS) is committed to delivering web resources accessible to everyone, including individuals with disabilities, and is continually working to increase and improve the accessibility and usability of its websites.  We actively strive to deliver a web experience that follows the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG), specifically the WCAG 2.0 AA criteria.  Current efforts focus on delivering digital content that:

    1. Is compatible with commonly used screen readers and assistive technology 
    2. Has full keyboard operability
    3. Communicates all necessary information without dependency on color
    4. Ensures video accessibility

    This is just to name a few of the efforts that will result in providing universal accessibility to our web content.

    Please note that some pages on LCPS websites may contain links to third-party sites.  LCPS is not responsible for the content, facts, opinions, or accessibility on third-party sites.



    ADA Accommodation Request for Disabled Members of the Public


    To request an ADA Accommodation:



    This ADA Accommodation Request is valid for one event only and must be submitted five days prior to the event date.




  • Volume Control

  • Captions and Transcripts

  • Contact LCPS on Accessibility Issues


    LCPS welcomes questions, comments, and suggestions on ways to improve our website accessibility.  We want to hear from you regarding any accessibility problem you may have encountered on our sites.  Please contact us via the options below and we will get back to you to work through your issue and make sure your needs are served and to prevent future problems for others.



    Please direct web accessibility issues via email to PublicADARequests@lcps.org 



    LCPS Web Accessibility

    21000 Education Court, Suite 319

    Ashburn, VA  20148

    Improving Your Experience on Our Websites


    Tips for using your browser more effectively:
    • Use the most current version of your web browser. The latest versions of browsers (Internet Explorer, Safari, Firefox, Chrome) generally perform best with websites like ours.


    • Maximize your browser window – This will help you see as much content and functionality as possible.  Our sites are responsive, which means our content and layout adjust to fit the width of your browser window as it changes. (Some content may reorient itself or get hidden as you resize the width of your browser window). Maximize your browser in one of these ways:

    Use browser buttons to minimize, miximize, or close your browser window.  On PCs, the Maximize button is in the upper right of your browser window.  On Macs, the Maximize button is green and is in the upper left of your browser window.


    You can also use the keyboard.  On a PC, hold down the Alt key while you press the spacebar.  Then press the “X” key to select Maximize.  On a Mac, hold down the Control and Command keys while you press the “F” key to view in full screen.  On some versions of Macs, you may need to set up a specific keyboard shortcut to do this.


    Accessibility Resources


    Web Content Accessibility Guidelines – w3.org

    Virginia Department of Education Accessibility Tools & Resources – doe.virginia.gov

    ADA Coordinator


    Title II of the ADA requires all state or local government entities with 50 or more employees to appoint a responsible person to coordinate the administrative requirements of ADA compliance and to respond to complaints and appeals filed by the public.  Loudoun County Public Schools ADA Coordinator is:

    Gabrielle Cotman

    Director of Employee Benefits and Retirement Office

    Loudoun County Public Schools

    21000 Education Court, Suite 319

    Ashburn, VA  20148

    Phone: 571-252-1810

    Email: Gabrielle.Cotman@lcps.org 


    To file an appeal for a denial of an ADA accommodation, please email or mail a written appeal within 180 days of the denial of an ADA accommodation to the ADA Coordinator, Gabrielle Cotman.  A written response will be emailed or mailed within 60 days from the receipt of the appeal.


Last Modified on May 28, 2019