Course Information & Syllabus, Grading Policies, & Class Expectations for

    Mrs. Veney, Marketing Department

    Marketing Teacher, Co-op Education Coordinator, & DECA Advisor    

    Room 403      Email:  michelle.veney@lcps.org                             

    Courses Taught by Mrs. Veney & Descriptions


    Intro to Marketing & Business: Students gain an understanding of the importance of marketing and business in today's society. They develop skills related to interpersonal communication, self-presentation, economics, marketing, business, sales, employability, career discovery, and ethical decision-making.  This is an entry-level course offered for all students and recommended as an introduction to the career preparation programs in Business and Marketing Education.

    Sports & Entertainment Marketing: Sports and Entertainment Marketing is a specialized course for students with a career interest in the field of sports or entertainment. The course will give students knowledge of the fundamentals of marketing in the areas of economics, pricing, branding, promotion, selling, and customer service. In addition, this course is designed to provide these students with sport-specific competencies in sponsorship, celebrity endorsement, event marketing, and product licensing. Students will also obtain an understanding of the career options available in the sport and entertainment industries.

    Marketing 1: Students examine activities in marketing and business important for success in marketing employment and postsecondary education. Students will learn how products are developed, branded, and sold to businesses and consumers. Students will analyze industry trends and gain hands-on experience in the marketing of goods, services, and ideas. Topics will include professionalism in the workplace, product planning and positioning, promotion, pricing, selling, economic issues, and the impact of technology on the marketplace.  This course also allows students who work to enroll in the Marketing Co-op Education Experience (see more information below). 

    Cooperative Education (Marketing Co-op):  Marketing Courses (Marketing 1 & Advanced Marketing) using the cooperative education method integrate classroom instruction with supervised on-the-job training and the related career and technical student organization.  Cooperative Education is a method of instruction that combines career and technical classroom instruction with paid employment directly related to the classroom instruction. Both student instruction and employment are planned and supervised by the school and the employer so that each contributes to the student’s career objectives and employability. Students enhance their knowledge, skills, and attitudes by participating in supervised experiences that are not possible to replicate in an educational setting.  Students may work and earn an additional course credit by combining classroom instruction with a minimum of 280 hours (1 additional credit) of continuous supervised on-the-job training.  Training must take place in an appropriate marketing related business, and is planned, supervised, and documented by the marketing teacher/coordinator.  Students must work all year long.  For students who elect to be a Marketing Co-op Student, 50% of their grade will come from Classroom Instruction and 50% of their grade will come from On-the-Job Training.  The employment grade consists of employer evaluations and completion of monthly wage and hour sheets.  If a student receives a failing grade for either portion (class or on-the-job), the student will not pass either course (the class or co-op) for that grading period.  Marketing Co-op Students should obtain employment by October 1.  Failure to obtain employment by October 1 will result in being dropped from the Co-op Enrollment option.

    DECA: An Association of Marketing Students

    DECA prepares emerging leaders and entrepreneurs in ma:rketing, finance, hospitality, and management.  DECA enhances co-curricular education of members through a comprehensive learning program that integrates classroom instruction, applies learning, connects to business and promotes competition.  DECA helps students to develop skills and competence for marketing careers, to build self-esteem, to experience leadership and to practice community service.  Broad Run DECA Student Dues are $25.00 (without a t-shirt) and $35 (with a t-shirt); Broad Run DECA Membership for Professional, Parent, and Alumni Dues are $20.  Please see the DECA Membership Form and the Broad Run DECA Program of Work that illustrates the Benefits & Opportunities that Broad Run DECA provides for students and the community. 

    The Co-Curricular DECA Service Learning Grade

    DECA is co-curricular, and empowers all students to make a meaningful contribution to our class, our club, our school, and the community!!!! Students will be given the opportunity to participate in DECA activities in and outside the marketing classroom throughout the school year.  The Co-Curricular DECA Service Learning grade will be worth 100 points.  For every quarter, students have the opportunity to earn the first 100 points by participating in various activities in class, in our school, and in our community (each activity is worth 25 points each; so essentially, students are encouraged to actively participate in 4 activities per quarter).  Earning extra points is also possible.  The highest grade students may earn is 125/100.  Students must keep track of their Co-Curricular Service Learning Grades every quarter.  This is an optional grade; meaning, students do not have to participate.  However, it is highly encouraged for students to be active in one of the BEST organizations in our school, community, state, and country!  Only grades of 100 or higher will be entered into the grade book.  For students who choose to not participate, those students will be given an “excused” grade (left blank in the grade book) for the DECA Co-Curricular Service Learning Grade.  For more information, please see the Co-Curricular Service Learning Grade Packet. 


    Grades are determined by using a point system.  At the end of each quarter, grades will be figured by adding the total amount of points earned divided by the total amount of points possible. Grades will be converted into percentages, which will determine a letter grade.  .  Grades are based on the Loudoun County Public Schools Grading System shown below.    

    A+ = 98% - 100%

    B+ = 87% - 89%

    C+ = 77% - 79%

    D+ = 67% - 69%

    F = 0% - 59%

    A   = 93% - 97%

    B   = 83% - 86%

    C   = 73% - 76%

    D   = 63% - 66%


    A-- = 90% - 92%

    B-- = 80% - 82%

    C-- = 70% - 72%

    D-- = 60% - 62%


    Final Grade Determination: The final course grade is determined by adding the (4) quarter numerical grades and dividing by (4) to determine the final course grade. Grades will be converted into percentages.  Remember, if a student is a Marketing Co-op Student, 50% of their overall grade comes from class assignments and 50% of their overall grade comes from on-the-job training.

    Attendance: Students are expected to attend class and to be on time.  An unexcused tardy will be given to any student who is late to class.  Disciplinary action for tardies will be as follows: (1) Warning, (2) Parent Email / Phone Call & Lunch Detention, and (3) Parent Email / Phone Call & Administrator Notification.  The rest will follow in accordance to the Broad Run High School Tardy Policy.  Please be on time and attend class regularly!  Students who are absent are encouraged to email the marketing teacher and/or talk to the marketing teacher about missing assignments, materials, and activities.  It is the student’s responsibility to find out what he/she has missed due to absences or tardies.

    Assignments: All assignments are expected to be turned in on time. Please turn in your assignments, requirements, and projects early or by the due date.  Failure to submit work on-time will result in penalties.  These penalties will be 10 points off for 1 class late, 25 points off for 2 classes late, and after 3 classes late, the work will not be accepted.  If you have a circumstance that affects your class participation and work product in your marketing courses, please see the teacher immediately!   Students with an excused absence will be given the same number of days to make up the work as they were absent.  Work will not be accepted in the event of an unexcused absence.  It is the responsibility of the student to ask for make-up work in the event of an absence.

    Materials Needed: All students need to have a 3-ring binder with paper.  Students should also have a spiral notebook or composition notebook for warm-ups / daily Question of the Day.  Students should bring pens and pencils to class as well.  Students may store their binders and notebooks in the marketing classroom if they like.  There will be a designated place for them to do this. 

    Technology Use: Students at Broad Run High School are encouraged to bring their own devices to school on a daily basis.  The Broad Run Marketing Department also has a laptop cart and desktop computers in which students can use our computers during class time.  The Marketing Program will abide by the Technology Rules set in place by our school’s policies and rules.  Students may use their cell phones, with teacher permission; that means, students must always seek permission to be on their phones before using them during class.  Internet use on computers and/or cell phones should only be used for research during class time and for marketing related activities.  If students do not abide by this expectation, then they will not be allowed to be on their computers and/or cell phones.  Disciplinary action for students who don’t follow the rules will be (1) Warning, (2) Technology Privileges Taken Away with Parent Email / Phone Call, and (3) Parent Email / Phone Class & Administrator Notification.

    Loudoun County “One to the World” and Career & Technical Education = 21st Century Education and Project Based Learning: “One to the World” is an instructional initiative that addresses what an LCPS graduate should know and be able to do.  This instructional approach focuses on significant content and important competencies and the joy of teaching and learning.  Through “One to the World,” LCPS leverages technology with a clear vision for how it can support teaching and learning in LCPS.  The key elements are (1) Authentic Problems & Tasks, (2) Significant Content & Important Competencies, (3) Product, Performance, Service, or Exhibition, and (4) Connection to the World.  The Broad Run Career & Technical Education Department and Marketing Program are proud to provide Relevant, Rigorous, and Responsive curriculum that engages students in solving complex problems and utilizes Creative Thinking, Communication, Collaboration, and Creativity.  The Career & Technical Education Department and Marketing Program prides itself on Establishing Real-World Connections through Projects, Building Rigorous Project Based Curriculum, Structuring Collaboration for Student Success, Facilitating Learning in a Student-Driven Environment, and Embedding Assessment Throughout the Project.  

    Classroom Procedures: Respect:  Respect is the Number One Procedure and Expectation.  Respect needs to be given to yourself, to every person, and to every resource (equipment, supplies, materials, etc) in our classroom and in our school, always.  In the world of marketing, there is something for everyone; therefore, we will model that in our classroom too, as we learn about various products, services, and demographics.  In order to learn productively and positively, being RESPECTFUL is a must – ALWAYS! 

    Positive Attitude Students are expected to have a positive attitude as much as possible!  With a positive attitude, anything is possible. 

    Entering Class, Tardiness, and Leaving Class Students should be in their seats before the final bell rings.  Students who are late, need to sign-in in the Tardy Book and place their passes in the pass basket.  Students who are late should not disrupt the class or the teacher.  If you need to leave class, students need to ask permission to leave.  When permission is granted, students must sign-out and take the designated pass.  The teacher dismisses the class, not the bell.  Therefore, students are not allowed to crowd by the door when the end of the block is near.  If students in the class do this, the class will not be dismissed until every student is back in their seats.  When the teacher dismisses the class, students must push in their chairs before leaving. 

    Clean-Up:  Our classroom will be kept clean and tidy.  Students are required to clean up after themselves at the end of the project and/or at the end of the class period.  If the classroom is not clean when the bell rings, the entire class will stay until the room is clean. 

    Food & Drink:  Students must ask for permission to have drinks and food in the classroom.  We need to be very careful around technology with drinks, and we need to be sensitive to student allergies with food. 

    The In-Box & The Out-Box There will be designated places for students to turn in their assignments.  If a student submits an assignment or project without a full name (As listed in Grade book), date, and block 10 points will be deducted from the assignment or project.  Assignments and Projects should not be handed to the teacher; rather, they should be placed in the designated in-box.  Once assignments and projects have been graded, they will either be passed back to students and/or students can get the graded assignments and projects from the out-box. 

    Printing:  If students need to print from our classroom, students need to seek out permission before printing.    

    All marketing courses in Loudoun County incorporate the Virginia Standards of Learning. 



    Marketing Certifications through the National Retail Federation:

    Loudoun County Public Schools offers marketing students to become certified in industry-related categories.  Every marketing student who is 16 years old or older will be given the opportunity to be certified by the National Retail Federation in Customer Service.  Testing for the Broad Run Marketing Department will take place at the end of the school year.  Upon successful completion of certification testing, the student will receive a certificate and is also encouraged to place notice of success on resumes, along with applications for college, work, and scholarships.

    Career & Technical Education Diploma Seals Earned Through Marketing Course Completion:

    Once a student has taken 2 or more years of a marketing course in sequential order, the student may be considered a Program Completer and be eligible for a Diploma Seal at graduation.  The student must receive a B or better in both courses in order to receive the diploma seal at graduation.  Also, if a student is a senior and is taking the marketing course for the first time and passes a certification test, the student is also eligible for the diploma seal at graduation.

    Teacher Support:

    I am located in Room 403.  The best way to reach me during the school day is via email, mveney@lcps.org. I am also available to meet by appointment; please email me to coordinate a time to meet.  Emails, texts, and phone calls will be returned within 24 to 48 hours after I have received them (week days).    

    Additional Information:

    Additional information about the class is available in the following documents:

      • Course Information: Welcome Letter, Student Course Competency Record with Outline, Objectives, & Standards
      • Co-Curricular Organization, DECA: DECA Membership Information, Program of Work, and Co-Curricular Service Learning Grade Information
      • Classroom Positive Contract that includes Classroom Rules, Routines, & Procedures
      • For Marketing Co-op Students ONLY: Cooperative Education Overview

    Forms that must be completed, signed, and turned in for a grade by September 25:

    • 1) Mrs. Veney’s Welcome Back Signature Form – 10 Points and
    • 2) Safety agreement form and parental consent form -10 points
    • 2) The DECA Participation & Membership Form (if you elect to not join, please write a paragraph on why you are making the choice to not join Broad Run DECA) – 10 Points