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    Online Pre-registration

    The guides on this page reference the ParentVUE and StudentVUE web versions. Visit the Mobile Apps page for information and quick reference guides on the ParentVUE and StudentVUE mobile apps.

    Account Activation and Navigation

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    ParentVUE - Getting Started (English) (Spanish)
    Steps to activate and log into your ParentVUE account for the first time.

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    ParentVUE Navigation (English) (Spanish)
    Overview of the navigation menu on the Home Page and the My Account update options.

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    Viewing Report Cards in ParentVUE (English)
    How to view uploaded PDF versions of report cards for both Secondary and Elementary parents.

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    ParentVUE Web vs. Mobile App (English)
    Comparision of features and data in the ParentVUE web version and the mobile app.

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    StudentVUE - Getting Started (English)
    Steps to log into your StudentVUE account for the first time.

    Online Pre-Registration

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    Online Pre-Registration - Getting Started (English) (Spanish)
    Overview of the Online Pre-Registration process and steps to create a ParentVUE account for families completely new to LCPS.

    Course Requests

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    Online Course Requests (English) (Spanish)
    Steps to select course requests for the upcoming school year.

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    Online Music Course Requests for Rising 6th Graders (English)
    Steps to select music course requests for rising 6th grade students for the upcoming school year.


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    Expectations Regarding Assessment and Grading (English)
    District expectations for grading and assessment.

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    Supporting Your Elementary Student with ParentVUE Grade Book (English)
    A guide for Elementary parents about the ParentVUE Grade Book. Discusses the Standards Based grading model.

    Get Live Help

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    Live Help from Your School (English)
    A guide to finding the ParentVUE Support Contact at your child's school.
Last Modified on November 8, 2017