• Basic Skills 080040
    Grades 9-12 Credit: 1.0
    Basic Skills 080045
    Grades 9-12 Credit: 0.5 per semester, may be taken two semesters per year
    Prerequisite:None Graded as Pass or Fail,not used in Cumulative Grade Point Average.
    Basic Skills is an elective course for special education students receiving resource or self-contained services for a full period and who require more intensive work on identified needs as noted in their Individualized Education Plan (IEP). Students are introduced to a variety of strategies and techniques to enable them to better achieve in school. Strategies and techniques may include time management,study skills, note taking, and self-advocacy, based on the student’s needs.The teacher may use one or more content areas (e.g., language arts, math,science) to teach students how to adapt these strategies and techniques to different situations. Because this is a developmental course, Basic Skills may be retaken for credit each semester for up to four years.
    Career Pathways 080570
    Grades 10-12 Credit: 1
    Career Pathways is an elective course for students with IEPs. The course focuses on goal setting and self-determination as they relate to transitioning from secondary to post-secondary life. Students develop skills necessary for post-secondary success through use of the Life Centered Career Education Curriculum. Students may participate in school-based or community work experiences as a part of this course. The course is taught based upon individual student needs and interests;therefore, it may be taken more than once for consecutive, elective credit.
    Personal Living and Finance* 591070
    Grades 9-12 Credit: 1 elective credit*
    Prerequisite: Mathematics 8
    Personal Living and Finance is a course intended to help students prepare for the world of work. Practical applications are used throughout the course to provide real-world examples of computation. Simulations in the course include such topics as buying a car,renting an apartment, managing a budget,taxes, using credit wisely, investments, and insurance. *This course may be used to fulfill the mathematics requirements for a Modified Standard Diploma.
    Reading Workshop Strategies
    Strategies 1: 101100
    Strategies 2: 101200
    Strategies 3: 101300
    Strategies 4: 101400
    Grades 9-12 Elective Credit: 1
    Reading Strategies is an elective course for students with IEPs who need specific instruction in reading and reading strategies. The course is taught based upon students’ individual needs.