Sports Marketing

    Course Description:  Sports, Entertainment, & Recreation Marketing is a course designed for students with an interest in the sports, entertainment, and recreation industries. This unique and innovative program explores the following areas: an orientation and understanding of the sports, entertainment, and recreation industry; strategic planning; product licensing; dealing with agents and personal managers; examination of concessions and on-site merchandising; market analysis; investigating safety and security procedures; event marketing and execution; and the production of a culminating event and the analysis of the event. DECA is an integral part of this program.

    Falcon Fantasy Football League Winners

    2021 - Bethany Beach Sharks - Owners - Brayden Albrigo * Courtney Henricks  
    2020 - COVID Cancelled
    2019 - Team Russo - Owners - Maddie Musso * Jacqueline Reecer
    2018 - Scrambled Legs - Owners - Sophie Maltese * Cooper Gillie
    2017 - Team Gullapalli - Owner - Sahil Gullapalli
    2016 - Alaska Huskies - Owners - Zach Dovel * Samie Flynn


    Every year, during the first quarter, we explore ownership, management, teamwork/collaboration, and work ethic while developing our own Falcon Fantasy Football League.