• Goals For This Year
    Know all alphabetic letters and sounds.  Identify all letters  (uppercase and lowercase). Identify digraphs and their sounds (Wh,Ch,Th,Sh,Ph). Be able to write all letters. Phonetically spell words.  Identify and write all sight words correctly.
    I am asking that students read for 20 minutes per night.  Prior to reading and after reading, a series of comprehension questions should be asked to your child.  Here is a list of questions for you to ask:
       1.  What is your favorite part of the story and why?
       2.  Tell me about the story in your own words from the beginning, middle and the end.
       3.  Who were the characters?  What are they like?
       4.  What is the setting? (Where and When the story takes place)
       5.   Was there a problem in the story? How did the characters overcome that problem?
       6    If the book is non fiction, tell me some details about the story.  What is the entire story about?
       7.   Make some predictions about the story before you read it.
    Reading comprehension is very important.  Please make sure you are checking your child's understanding of the books they read.  Many of these questions can be answered through illustrations, labels, and writing.  Feel free to have your child demonstrate their understanding through writing their responses. This can be done in addition to orally answering the questions.
    Homework will be assigned throughout the year and to be completed on LCPSGO: IXL and Prodigy
    Some of the concepts your child will learn this year:
    Number Sense: Identify and Write Numbers to 120. Skip count by 2, 5, and 10 to 120. Know base 10 and place value.  Addition and Subtraction Word Problems. Addition and Subtraction Fluency.
    Geometry: Plane Geometric Figures, Sorting and Classifying, Fractions in equal parts (1/2, 1/4)
    Money:  Identify each coin and their values.  Count to 1 dollar with like coins.
    Time: Identify time to the hour and the half hour.