• Overview of Phoenix Capstone

    The purpose of the Phoenix Capstone is to provide graduates of Rock Ridge with meaningful experiences, self-fulfillment, and opportunities for post-secondary success through civic engagement and career exploration.


    During fourth quarter, qualifying seniors are excused from classes in order to pursue a community service project or career development opportunity. Students must complete a total of 65 hours at their host site over the three-week Capstone.


    Community service projects can range from hands-on experiences to administrative work. Career development opportunities can range from internships to job shadowing. Students have discretion in choosing their project, as long as the project will provide an authentic experience.


    All participants are required to find both a community sponsor for their project. The community sponsor should be the person who will be responsible for guiding them during their three-week Capstone experience. The teacher sponsor may be any teacher at Rock Ridge with whom the student has a positive relationship. The Phoenix Capstone Team must approve all Capstone experiences.


    The Phoenix Capstone was designed using elements from the following entities:


    The Phoenix Capstone Project will be introduced at the Senior Class Meeting during 1st Quarter. 
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    Please contact Tyler Anderson with any questions. 

    Acknowledgements and Acceptable Use

    The Phoenix Capstone team would like to graciously thank Ms. Kimberly Vegilante of Loudon Valley High School for providing the framework for this project and the contents of this handbook. Any use or implementation of this Capstone project or handbook should be approved Ms. Vegilante; she can be reached at Kimberly.vegilante@lcps.org.