Mrs. Eisenberg



Degrees and Certifications:

Purdue University, B.S. Consumer & Family Sciences

Mrs. Eisenberg

About Mrs. Eisenberg

After graduating from Purdue University and spending several years in my home state of Indiana, I moved to the Rocky Mountains of Colorado. Living at 9,000' above sea level opened up a whole new world of wonder for me. A curiousity to learn more about what created the magnificant mountain peaks of the Rocky Mountains and their neighboring Flat Irons to the East and the sandstone arches to the West lead me to pursue a career in Earth Science. My curiousity of the varied landscapes on this planet has also taken me to places such as the rift valley of Iceland and the jungles of Thailand. I am continually inspired by Earth's ever-changing surface (and what's below AND above). As an Earth Science teacher, I aim to inspire a similiar curiosity and appreciation for the complex processes that make Planet Earth so wonderful. When not teaching, you can find me camping, snowboarding, or hiking with my husband, daughter, and pup.


A little bit about my teaching philosophy

I want to inspire a desire to learn that builds on each child's ability. I hope that desire continues as a life-long endeavor, as learning is critiical to each individual's growth. I think learning and education are keys to leading a productive and enjoyable life. 

A child’s feeling of self worth is greatly enhanced when they set goals, work hard to achieve those goals, and get a feeling of accomplishment with what they have set out to do.  


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