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    Classroom Policies


    Physics is the natural science that attempts to explain how technology works and how the natural world works through mathematical modeling. A challenging course at the conceptual, "regular", or AP level, students in all courses practice mathematical skills, reading skills, and critical thinking skills. Topics for the Conceptual Physics and Physics courses include motion, waves, electricity, magnetism, light, and elements of modern physics.   I am looking forward to an exciting and productive year.  My goal is to create a positive and enthusiastic learning environment for all students.   In order to reach this goal, I believe that both the students and I have certain responsibilities and obligations that must be met.

           As the teacher, I will:                                                         From the students, I expect:

    Ensure each student has the opportunity to succeed                               The rules to be followed

    Be prepared for class each day                                                              Cooperation

    Respect all students and their opinions                                                   Participation

    Follow and enforce school and classroom rules                                        To be asked for help when needed

    Be available to students who need extra help                                         To work to the best of their ability


    Supply List 

    You should bring these for every class.

    1. three-ring notebook (at least 1” or greater thickness)
    2. loose leaf notebook paper
    3. pen/pencils & eraser


    Conceptual Physics textbooks will be available for use during class. Textbooks can also be assigned to students as a home resource if requested. Many other resources can be found on the Vision class page.

    Class Rules 

    1. Treat others and their property with courtesy and respect.
    2. Be on time and prepared for class.
    3. Follow all safety guidelines in the laboratory.
    4. Always follow the teacher's directions.

    Cell Phones

    Cellphones should not be visible or in use by a student without direct permission from the teacher.


    Homework Policy

    No homework will be assigned in this class. If something is not completed in class by the time it is due, it may be completed outside of class ONLY with teacher permission. Students are expected to use their classtime effectively in order to earn extra time to complete an assignment.


    Late Work Penalties

     There are two instances when you may be penalized for late work:

    1. You were present for a task, but did not complete the work before the end of the class period or arrange for extra time to finish the assignment. Extra time will not be given to students that do not fully utilize the initial time. Assignments can ONLY be completed at home with special permission. ALL assignments from a given unit must be completed prior to the unit test. Any assignments turned in after the unit test will be given a 50% point deduction.
    2. You did not make or keep arrangements for makeup work.  Labs and activities will be conducted nearly every class period.  The equipment will not be available for an indefinite period of time, so you will need to make completing the activity a priority. Any activities and labs that need to be completed at school MUST be done before the end of the unit. Any of these assignments will become permanent zero grades after the unit test if not made up.



    Copying another student’s work or copying from printed texts or Internet sources will not be tolerated and will result in a zero for that assignment.  Cheating deprives you from the learning experience and is not fair to the person who put forth the effort.  Refer to the student handbook for more information.

    Grading Policy 

    % of Quarter Grade









    Students will be assigned to a cooperative learning group for all class work.  Each student within the group will complete a worksheet for the activity.  Point values will be assigned for each task depending on its complexity.  Students are to complete their work in class unless given special permission to do so.





    Tests will be given as each unit and its related activities and labs.

    Quarterly Assessment

    A cumulative quarterly mastery assessment will be given at the end of each quarter. The quarter test will only help students’ grades. It will test all material covered in that quarter for mastery. The quarterly test will be broken into sections with each unit from that quarter covered in a separate section. The grade on that section will replace the corresponding unit test’s grade. The quarter test will not count as an individual grade in the grade book. 


    Make Up/Absent Policy 

    If you are absent from class, it you your responsibility to arrange with your teacher to make up the assignments missed. Most items that you missed can be obtained on our class site at http://loudounvision.net. Often, if you are well enough to do so, you can complete assignments on-line even before you return to school. If you missed something that needs to be made up with the teacher (a test, lab, in class activity/assignment, etc.) you need to make arrangements with the teacher to make up this assignment within 1 week. This can be most easily accomplished by emailing your teacher as soon as possible. Expect to make up a test taken on a day you were absent at the beginning of the class that you return. Missing the class before a test or quiz does not excuse you from taking it with the rest of the class. You are expected to keep whatever arrangements you agree to with your teacher.  If circumstances beyond your control do not allow you to keep your end of the arrangements, please tell your teacher as soon as possible so something can be worked out. Assignments that are not made up in a timely fashion will be given a grade of a zero.