• Expectations for Sketch Diary for Next Classes:  A 2 page (or more) spread sketch diary page which includes:

    ﬦ     3 or more visual images of historical and/or contemporary still life artists that you see as a coloration in the concept of treasure

    ﬦ     A breakdown of what design concepts are being utilized within each image,

    ﬦ     Notes and reflections on how these works will influence your art making

    ﬦ     The Consider questions (Sticky notes), and additional ‘treasure reflections

    ﬦ     Your brainstorm (visual and literal) list of treasure along with questions as to what that means and how you want to incorporate that concept into your art- wirte, sketch, etc- there is no wrong way

    ﬦ     Charcoal Experimentation w/observations on each type of charcoal

    ﬦ     Toned Paper Swatch Experimentation (adhered into diary)

    ﬦ     Observation studies w/charcoal of your ‘Treasure’

    ﬦ     Thumbnail sketches for project development/ prep for final sketch

    ﬦ     Photo of objects

    ﬦ     Photo of in progress work (with in progress reflection)

    ﬦ     Photo of completed project (may not be in diary at time of grading)

    ﬦ     Printed and adhered pages in your sketch of your Photoshop exercise

    ﬦ     Reflections/Response of various video support


    Please do the following:

    1.      Check off each box as you have it included in your sketch diary

    2.       Explain why if you are missing something due to absence 

    3.      Turn in this completed form with your sketch diary for grade 
Last Modified on October 11, 2019