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  • LCPS Electronic Flyer Distribution Practices
    Loudoun County Public Schools uses the Peachjar platform to distribute electronic flyers to families in a convenient, environmentally sensitive format. Electronic flyer distribution replaces the prior practice of distributing paper flyers in childrens’ backpacks.  

    The sole purpose of electronic flyer distribution is to provide a means of communicating LCPS school flyers, flyers submitted by certain government organizations and flyers submitted by qualifying nonprofit community groups to parents and guardians of LCPS students. Families are automatically sent the electronic flyers for their childrens’ schools and division-wide flyers. 

    LCPS began the use of the Peachjar platform for electronic-flyer (eflyer) distribution to school communities in October 2016. The Loudoun County School Board reviewed and endorsed the practice of distributing flyers electronically in March 2020, and LCPS published regulations to govern the practice. Important additional information about the program is included in the regulations. 

    LCPS distributes approved eflyers from qualifying community nonprofit organizations on Friday of each week. Eflyers from LCPS central offices are distributed on Tuesdays. School flyers are distributed on days chosen by each school principal.  

    Eligible Community Organizations
    In addition to distributing flyers from LCPS schools, parent-teacher associations/organizations, school-sponsored curricular and non-curricular clubs, and booster clubs, LCPS also accepts eflyers from certain other government and nonprofit community organizations for distribution of information related to K12-focused youth development opportunities. The organizations and the contents of the eflyers must meet the requirements described more fully in the LCPS regulations.  

    Community organizations that meet one or more of the qualifications described below are eligible to submit eflyers. 

    • Federal, Commonwealth of Virginia, and local governmental units within Loudoun County.
    • Youth athletic organizations that are registered with the Virginia State Corporation Commission or the IRS as a nonprofit.
    • Youth development nonprofit organizations with an office in Loudoun or Fairfax Counties that are registered or have filed an application for recognition as a nonprofit with the Virginia State Corporation Commission or the IRS, including the Boy Scouts of America, the Girl Scouts of America, Heritage Girls, Indian Scouts and other similar groups or faith-based nonprofit organizations.
    • Nonprofit cultural arts organizations offering youth-focused learning opportunities or performances.
    • Private nonprofit K12-focused educational organizations.
    • Nonprofit child care providers. 
    • Colleges and universities offering K12-focused educational opportunities.  

    Submitting Flyers
    Nonprofit community organizations that wish to request approval of an eflyer for distribution should follow the steps below. Once approved, your flyer will be emailed to all LCPS parents and posted online. Paper flyers are not accepted for distribution. 

    • Visit
    • Register as an Enrichment / Community Org. (account type)
    • Upload your flyer for approval  

    Peachjar charges a fee for this service. LCPS does not receive any fees for using the Peachjar platform. 

    When submitted, your flyer will be automatically provided to LCPS for review. LCPS will review the material and approve or deny based on the requirements described in the governing regulations.  

    Disclaimer Required. All flyers submitted for approval must display the following disclaimer on each page of the submission: 

    “This activity is not sponsored or endorsed by Loudoun County Public Schools.”  

    Materials that do not include this disclaimer on the eflyer when it is submitted for approval will be rejected and will not be distributed. 

    For questions or more information on the flyer process, contact the Communications and Community Engagement Office at 571-252-1040. 

    NOTE:  If you are a parent group at an LCPS school, these instructions do not apply. Please contact your sponsoring school’s principal for information about distributing flyers to your school community.   

    Questions about Peachjar? 
    For questions or more information on the flyer process, contact the Communications and Community Engagement Office at 571-252-1040. 

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Last Modified on July 1, 2021