• HPE Activity Tracking & Activity Band Loan Request

    The vision of Virtual Loudoun Online is to cultivate quality, flexible, self-paced virtual learning.


    Virtual Loudoun Online (VLO) Health and Physical Education (HPE) courses require 54.5 hours of varied physical activity during Terms 1 and 2 (15 weeks), and 36.5 hours during Term 3 (10 weeks).  The physical activity must be tracked by an approved activity device or mobile app in addition to the Health and/or Driver Education curriculum.  Meeting these activity requirements can be challenging within the 15 or 10 week virtual term.  Students need to log and track activities weekly for full credit. Physical activity requirements cannot be waived or reduced. Students who cannot meet the activity requirement should discuss other options with their School Counselor.

    These courses follow the Virginia Standards of Learning for Health and Physical Education. Each student is required to participate in physical activity following the Virginia Standards of Learning. Just like a traditional course, VLO’s HPE courses require students’ physical activity to be completed specifically to earn credit in HPE. This course allows each student to participate in various REQUIRED ACTIVITIES, which can be found on each module’s fitness log. Students must get 6 hours (360 minutes) of physical activity for each required fitness log. 

    Students must participate in various activities within topic requirements to earn full credit. While we understand that students participate in various school, club, and specialized sports, no more than 90 minutes per log may be used from that activity to earn credit for HPE.  All activities can be used for a maximum of 90 minutes per log.  Additional fitness log details can be viewed in the HPE course once a student's course begins. 


    Tracking physical activity

    Please be sure to secure an Activity Tracking Device for use with your course prior to the start date. Screenshots of activity logs are required to earn credit in your course. If there is an app associated with your wearable tracker, you may use that as well. For example, Fitbit uses the Fitbit app, Apple Watch uses the Activity app, and Garmin watch uses Garmin Connect app. The only exception would be for water sports, if your device cannot be worn in the water. You may manually enter your water sports activity or use an app like Swim.com (no more than 90 minutes per log may be used).

    For this course, students are required to track their physical activity with a wearable activity tracker. They may purchase an activity tracker, or use one they already have.  The device app must be able to display an individual workout graph of activity and show a heart rate graph.  (Apple watch, Fitbit, Samsun Gear Fit, and Garmin activity trackers satisfy this requirement.)  Students are encouraged to use their own activity tracking device for their virtual Health and PE course. If you do not have a device, and you are unable to purchase one, they may request one from the Activity Band Request section below

    Most fitness tracking devices require the use of a webpage or mobile application for users to sync with their device.  Loudoun County Public Schools does not control the data that is collected by these applications.  For more information about how your device application provider uses student data, parents should refer to the terms of service and privacy policies for the application your child will use. 

     If you do not have and are unable to purchase an activity tracking device, your student can request to borrow a device from Virtual Loudoun Online.  When an activity tracker request is submitted, an email will be automatically sent to the parent/guardian email address provided in the request.  The email will provide instructions on how parent/guardian permission must be granted before their student is provided an activity tracker by Virtual Loudoun.

    To ensure student information is as safe as possible when creating the activity band account, you should use the least amount of personal information possible.   

    Activity Band Request

    Students are encouraged to use their own activity tracking device for their virtual Health and PE course. If you do not have a device and you are unable to purchase one, please click here to request an activity band.  An activity tracker will be sent to your child's LCPS home school for pickup in School Counseling. 

    To pay for a missing or damaged activity band

    Please mail a $99.95 check or money order made payable to “County of Loudoun” to:

    LCPS High School Office
    Attn:  Danai Chona-Morales - VLO Activity Band
    21000 Education Court
    Ashburn, VA 20148 



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