• 1st Semester Primary Vocabulary Words-- 7, & 8th Grades
    Elements of Art:line, shape, value, form, texture, color, space
    Principles of Design:variety, unity, rhythm, balance, proportion, emphasis
    Graphic Design: simplification of image & text into basic line, shape, color
    Portfolio: folder to protect and present artwork
    Template:  design cut out of paper to trace repeatedly into a pattern
    Abstract:  without representation
    Observation: drawing from what is in front of you, attention to form & detail 
    Composition: the arrangement of objects into a unified whole
    Rule of Thirdscompositional tool to separate the paper into thirds to lead the viewer's eye around
    Contour Line:  single solid outline of object with important inside informational lines
    Rendering:  realistic drawing using value to establish form of objects
    Value:  lights and darks of objects/ values are in grays and in color
    Form:  modeled 3 dimensional objects on 2D surface or 3D in the round (sculpture)
    Positive Space:  the actual object that has mass
    Negative Space: the area around or through the object (holes)
    Collagraph:  Printmaking process using raised textures to create composition (7th grade)
    Overlapping:  one object in front of another, shows depth on 2D surface
    Scale & Proportion:  size relationships, compare objects according to height, width, depth
    Thumbnail Sketch:  quick, little sketches to plot out composition
    Still Life:  arrangement of objects to be drawn from observation
    Center of Focus:  area of artwork the artist wants emphasized
    Texture:  drawing techniques to show how an object would feel/ how objects feel
    Stippling:  drawing technique using tiny dots of various values to model the form of the object
    Highlight: the area of the object that the light is hitting
    Core: the most important shadow directly under the object for stability, it's the darkest
    Cast: the shadows that move away from object depending on the direction of the light
    Media:  artists materials or tools ie. colored pencils, markers, paints
    Mixed Media:  combining different media into 1 artwork
    Illustration:  telling a visual story
    Craftsmanship:  how neat and clean an artwork is
    Transparent:  see through...a quality of watercolor to see through to the other color
    Grounds:  Background...always paint first
                      Foreground...most detailed area, painted last
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