•  Pinebrook BYOT  Resources and Materials

    • PNB Student Contract - Sign one to send in to the classroom teacher and print another one for your information.

     Office 365
    • We also highly recommend taking advantage of 5 complimentary downloads per student of Microsoft 365.  Visit the MS365 LCPS Page and follow the directions.  Your student must know their student ID number and password to log on here at school (usually, their 4-digit birthday - September 14th = 0914) .  Please download Microsoft 365 on your student's BYOT device.

    BYOT red icon

    All students (whether they are participating in BYOT or not) need to fill out and sign the LCPS Acceptable Use Policy.  This is necessary for all students who will be using any kind of technology this year.  Please sign and date the last page and send it in to your student's teacher.

    LCPS Acceptable Use Policy