All business students are members of FBLA on the local chapter level. To participate in activities beyond the local level, members must first pay state and national FBLA dues. State and national membership is a unified membership package and is not available separately.

    Initial state and national dues are to be paid on or before November 1. To receive the Fall issue of Tomorrow's Business Leader, members are required to pay national dues by October 20. Additional memberships may be submitted during the school year. All students participating in FBLA activities beyond the local chapter level must be on record as paying state and national dues by the date of the regional spring conference or March 1, whichever comes first.

    Dues for John Champe High School are $30:

              Local and Reginal Dues: $10

              National Dues: $6

              States Dues $4

              T-shirt: $10

    Cash or check. Checks made out to John Champe High School FBLA