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    Number Sense:
    Have your child practice writing numbers from 1-110 using correct number formation and correct number sense.  Below is a 1-110  number grid and a blank number grid.  Have your child practice tracing over the numbers and he/she says the numbers aloud.  Once your child shows mastery, use the blank grid to have them fill out numbers 1-110.
    Skip Counting:
    Have your child touch each number as he/she counts by 5's to 110 using a counting mat.  Once your child has mastered counting by 5's with the counting mat, then practice counting by 5's to 110 with NO MAT.  Move onto counting by 2's.  Student will be tested on their ability to orally skip count by 2's, 5's, and 10's, without the use of a mat, each quarter.