BRHS Cornfield Picks

The Cornfield Picks

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    Show off your shorts SUBMIT August-September!!!

    We mean, send us your short plays!

    Some may not know, but Broad Run used to be called Cornfield High School, so that's where we got the festival name. The plays will not be about corn, although we may use the pun a lot in advertising!


    It doesn't have to be completely polished, but the best will be selected for our short play festival.

    If we get a whole lot of great plays (which we hope we do), we will pick a variety and ultimately the plays that our seniors would be most excited to direct!

    Submission guidelines will be posted in May, at the end of the preceding school year!

    That gives you all summer to write a play that is finger-lickin' good!


    2019/2020 Guidelines

    All plays MUST:

    • Take place in the Lobby of a fancy hotel. 
    • Have a cast of no more than 4 Actors (character doubling ok)
    • 10 minute run time (approximate) Proper format = Page a minute.
    • Have been written by students (from anywhere), teachers or school personnel from a high school.
      OR alumni/parents of Broad Run HS. 
    • Be original, and rights owned exclusively by person submitting.
    • Any music must also be original and owned by person submitting.
    • Plays must be submitted electronically by e-mail or shared in the Google Drive (Brandon Kalbaugh) to Mr. Kalbaugh (Director of Theatre Arts) no later than October 1st, 2018 at midnight.

    Plays will be chosen based on originality and entertainment value by a panel of advanced theatre students.

    The amount of plays chosen will be determined by the number of Theatre 4 students.

    Plays that do not follow these guidelines may not be considered.