• Dear Belmont Station Families,


    We have a very exciting new initiative we are embarking on at Belmont Station Elementary.  Beginning this September, we have been introducing Personalized Learning in all of our grade 3-5 classrooms.  Personalized Learning is a vehicle to tailor learning experiences to student’s strengths, needs, and/or interests, in order to provide students the tools, support system, and skills to satisfy their curiosity.  With careful classroom design and the addition of technology resources, we will focus class time on meeting the individual needs of each student through small group time with the teacher and the use of digital programs which adapt to each student’s strengths and areas in need of improvement.  Our students will benefit from a personalized learning environment in several important ways.


    When content and instruction is at the appropriate level of difficulty and pace for each individual, learning and progress increases.  Personalized learning customizes each student’s education by providing teachers with detailed, computer-generated information about student’s learning needs, allowing more time for teachers to instruct students individually and in small groups.

    Customization through Data:

    Teachers will have more accurate data about their students which will allow more time and flexibility to teach more difficult concepts and reinforce students who require additional targeted instruction.

    Student Engagement:

    Personalized learning is designed to increase student engagement and their investment in instructional choices.  Of course students will still learn from teachers, but they will spend a balanced amount of time learning from engaging online programs and from peers in collaborative group and partner projects.


    With guidance and direction from the teacher, personalized learning provides students opportunities to make decisions about how and what they learn, whether on a computer program or in a small collaborative group, or independently. When students have ownership in their learning, engagement increases and academic results improve.

    Moving to a personalized learning program will be an evolving process for the Belmont Station community and will require the support of everyone involved. Our staff has already begun what will be continuous training throughout the year. During this process, please let us know if you have any questions or concerns. With your involvement and support, we are confident this will be a huge step forward for our school, and a key to increasing student success in learning.


    Lori Mercer