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    Frequently Asked Questions

    What Are Lunch Groups?

    Small groups give students the opportunity to meet with their peers to work on a shared skill or issue. Examples of topics include school success, friendship, social skills, self control, managing feelings, and acting assertively. Groups usually consist of 2-5 other students in the same grade and meet during lunch. While students are learning skills to use at home and school, the opportunity to spend time with peers who share their experiences is sometimes the most valuable experience.

    How are Students Referred?

    Students are referred for groups by parents, teachers, and administrators. If you would like your child to be in a group, please contact us. Groups are formed on an as needed basis. 

     When Will Groups Meet?

    At Belmont Station, we run two or three sets of groups each year. The first round begins in October, the second set begins in February, and if needed, a third round will begin in April. Groups will meet once a week for four to six sessions, normally during students' lunch times.  

     My Child Was Referred for a Group...Does That Mean He/She is in Trouble?  

    The simple answer: No! Groups are designed to help children become happier, more successful students. Sometimes students are referred to groups so that they can improve upon skills that they already have. It is a great opportunity for children to make new friends!

    What Can My Child Expect to do in Group?
    Groups are designed to be fun and interactive. We will use games, role plays, movies, and team-building activities to teach skills and encourage discussion.