• Who are we?
    The Ashburn Elementary School Parent Teacher Organization (AES PTO) is a parent volunteer supported organization that donates our time and talents enriching the educational experience of our Ashburn students through volunteering. Members of the board are voted in by the AES community.
    What do we do? 
     The PTO coordinates many events including School Assemblies, After School Programs, Spirit Nights, Fundraisers and more. Along with educational and enrichment programs, the PTO helps to purchase electronics, recess and playground equipment, teacher allotments, library books and so much more! All of the programs and purchases from the PTO are paid for through the fundraising and donations from family, friends, and sponsors of the AES community. This past year, the PTO purchased Flexible Seating for all grades and the library in addition to funding all the other PTO sponsored programs. This year, our goal is to purchase an electronic marquee sign for the front of the school by raising $30,000. Our major fundraiser this year is through Boosterthon.
    How do I get involved?
    Join the AES PTO today and help make a difference! The PTO is open to any parent of an AES student or any member of the AES staff or administration. The membership fee to join is $15 and is tax deductible. There are many opportunities throughout the year to volunteer time and help with activities, fundraiser and events.  Being involved can look different for everyone. Any amount of time you can give is terrific, whether it's two hours a year or two hours a week. Getting involved is also a great way in getting to know more of the AES community.



    PTO Frequently Asked Questions

    What is the purpose of the PTO? The purpose of the PTO is to support the students, teachers, and administration of Ashburn Elementary School. We do this by acting as a resource to the staff and administration for issues and ideas, developing and managing projects that benefit the students and staff, planning and executing events and activities for the students and staff and raising funds.

    Why are we a PTO versus a PTA? PTO is a generic term representing the thousands of groups that choose to remain independent of the PTA (a formal membership organization headquartered in Chicago). Because we are independent, all fundraising that we do goes directly to support Ashburn Elementary.

    Why should I join the PTO? Research has shown that children do better in school when their parents are involved. Joining is great (please do--$15 tax deductible!), but if you get actively involved, you will help your child, your school, and your community by becoming another voice, by building relationships with teachers, administrators and other parents and by lending your time, money and talents. Click here for the PTO Membership Form or Register through our Online Store

    For what do you need volunteers? We need volunteers to lead the various teams and to participate as team members for fundraisers, projects, new initiatives, and events. These team positions vary in the level of time and commitment. The teachers and administrators also use the PTO as a resource for help outside of the classroom, such has to help escort kids to dental screenings or being a hall monitor for a couple hours during SOL testing. Email us or subscribe to our Volunteer Email List by checking that you would like to hear about opportunities throughout the year.

    What does all the fundraising go to? With Loudoun County School budget cuts being pretty severe the past couple of years, there is less funding. The PTO has always helped to pay for all of the assemblies that the students enjoy, as well as other events and programs, instructional supplies, equipment and improvements to facilities. With budget shortfalls continuing at least into next year, we will be called on to do even more. Here is a list of some of the many, many programs, activities, and initiatives that the PTO supports.

    Who decides what fundraisers we do? Each year the PTO gets together to evaluate the success of each fundraiser. We have tried to scale back in the last couple of years and now try and do big fundraisers in the fall. This year we will be partnering with Boosterthon again for our major fundraiser.

    What are other ways I can help? Easy. Do you shop at Harris Teeter, Giant or Amazon? Make sure your card is registered and linked to Ashburn Elementary. All you have to do is register your card each year. Another is to look for and collect Box Tops that are marked “Box Tops for Education” on various General Mills brand food and products. Each month you can attend the Spirit Night where local restaurants give a portion of their sales to the PTO (remember to mention you are with Ashburn Elementary!). We also accept tax-deductible donations to the Ashburn Elementary PTO for those who prefer giving in that way.

    What happens at PTO meetings? Visit our Calendar page to learn more on our monthly meetings. During the meeting we get a report or updates from Officers and Committee Chairs, as needed. One of the Principals also attend each meeting to report on school or Loudoun County School Board issues and/or share information. We discuss and, when relevant, vote on issues, spending, and initiatives. Visit our meeting information page for a current list of upcoming meeting dates.

    Where do I find out more about the PTO throughout the year? Check out the PTO section of Ashburn Elementary’s website. There we have information on the PTO as well as the events and activities we support.

    What if I would like some more information or have any other questions? Please contact us at AESPTOpres@gmail.com.