3rd, 4th and 5th grade KWC students are invited to take part in this optional initiative.


    In addition to Loudoun County Public School's Acceptable Use Policy, Kenneth W. Culbert Elementary School has set forth additional procedures and guidelines specific to the KWC Community. All students and families are expected to adhere to these procedures when participating in the BYOT initiative. Users who do not adhere will have consequences TBD by administration. 


    Please visit the LCPS BYOT page for additional info. 
    • Students may only access use of their own device. They are not permitted to access others' devices, except for project viewing purposes only.
    • Students without a device will be provided with a school-owned device.
    • Devices may only be used for teacher-directed, instructional purposes.
    • There are no restrictions on what type of device a student may bring, but it must meet the instructional criteria (specific apps, programs, etc.) set forth by the teacher and have a screen size of 7 inches or larger. A keyboard (attached or Bluetooth) would be especially helpful.
    • Devices must come to school fully charged and in working order. If the device does not meet this criteria, a school-owned device will be supplied.
    • Devices that are not in use will be turned off and stored in backpacks during the school day. Devices will not be used in the cafeteria, during recess, or on the bus ride to and from school. 
    • Protective cases are highly encouraged.
    • Teachers are required to lock classroom doors when devices are left unsupervised.
    • Devices not functioning properly cannot be fixed by any LCPS personnel. These devices will be secured in the student's backpack, and a working school-owned device will be provided.
    • Students will access the filtered wireless internet through "LCPS-Open" and will not be permitted to use a personal data plan.

    In addition to these school-wide policies and procedures, classroom teachers may have their own policies that dictate proper use of devices in their classrooms.  

    What apps/sites should students have ready to use?

    Students will need to bookmark the KWC Symbaloo page (see below) as well as LCPS Go to use as launch pages. 
    On iPads: Both the DreamBox BLUE and GREEN apps, LCPS Go app (appears in App Store as ClassLink), and PS Powertest app (be sure to select VA and Loudoun then press BOTH "apply" buttons in set up), Office 365 apps (free through the install button in LCPS Go, O365) are all needed, please, as well as the Google Drive app.

    ***Please note that these policies and procedures are subject to change.