• Classwork and Homework 2016-2017


    May 23-June 8
    Wax Museum Project!--Project Info--Research Guide
    Homework: Notebook check Tuesday, May 30th (A Day) and Wednesday, May 31st (B Days)
    May 19/22
    1.  Warm Up: Map of U.S.--powerpoint
    2.  Gallery Walk--gallery walk--chart
    4.  Begin recruitment poster (directions in ppt!)
    Homework: Finish recruitment poster 
    May 17/18 (A Day)--1st, 2nd, 7th, and 8th blocks
    1.  Warm Up: What does a country need to win a war?--powerpoint 
    2.  Color graphs
    3.  Answer questions using graphs
    Homework: None
    May 16 (B Day) 
    1.  Warm Up: Create "slavery spectrum"--powerpoint
    2.  Simulation/discussion/video clips: How did the North and South compromise on slavery before the war?
    3.  Create political cartoon
    *video clips from The Abolitionists--available on amazon 
    Homework: finish political cartoon (directions in ppt!) 
    May 15 (A Day)
    1.  Warm Up: Visual Discovery--powerpoint 
    2.  Prepare for press conference on the eve of the Civil War
    3.  Press conference--chart 
    4.  Begin letter to Abe Lincoln
    Homework: Finish letter (directions in ppt!) 
    May 12 (B Day)
    English SOL 
    May 11 (A Day) 
    1.  Warm Up: Create "slavery spectrum"--powerpoint
    2.  Simulation/discussion/video clips: How did the North and South compromise on slavery before the war?
    3.  Create political cartoon
    *video clips from The Abolitionists--available on amazon 
    Homework: finish political cartoon (directions in ppt!) 
    May 9/10 
    1.  Warm Up: Use spokes diagrams to fill in chart--powerpoint
    2.  View spokes diagrams, fill in other side of North/South info and chart
    3.  Review differences between north and south
    4.  In groups: read about people with different opinions on slavery-chart--info
    5.  Line up: most for slavery, most against slavery
    Homework: North/South diagrams (directions in ppt!) 
    May 5/8
    1.  Warm Up: What is a civil war?--powerpoint 
    2.  Video clip: Why would people in the same country fight against each other?
    3.  In groups: Create spokes diagram of one region--North/South info and chart
    Homework: None 
    May 3/4
    1.  Warm Up: Abolitionist poster--powerpoint 
    2.   Read Aloud: Frederick Douglass
    4.  Read poem 
    5.  Begin writing poem 
    Homework: Finish poem 
    May 1/2
    1.  Warm Up: Slavery Memorial--powerpoint
    2.  In groups: Travel through the South--stations--chart
    3.  Begin journal entry
    Homework: finish journal entry 
    April 27/28
    1.  Warm Up: What is slavery?--powerpoint 
    2.  Read aloud/pictures: Middle Passage (if you were absent, just look it up!)
    3.  Video clip
    4.  Begin rat observation
    Homework: Finish rat observation (directions in ppt!) 
    April 25/26
    1.  Warm Up: Women's suffrage quiz--powerpoint
    2.  In groups: Read about a women's suffrage leader--Elizabeth Cady StantonLucy StoneSojourner TruthSusan B AnthonyGrimke Sisters
    3.  Create sensory figure
    Homework: None! 
    April 21/24 
    1.  Warm Up: Native American land map--powerpoint
    2.  Discuss Indian Removal
    3.  Simulation: How would the Cherokee and Seminole feel about Indian Removal? 
    4.  Read/look at paints of Trail of Tears--reading 
    6.  Begin memorial
    Homework: finish memorial 
    April 19/20
    1.  Warm Up:  Dos and Don'ts for pioneers--powerpoint
    3.  Perform mini-dramas 
    4.  Begin poem
    Homework: finish poem
    April 17/18
    1.  Warm Up: Manifest Destiny painting--powerpoint
    2.  In groups: look at placards, fill in dangers on the Oregon Trail--map
    3.  Discuss dangers on the trail 
    4.  Create "Danger Sign"
    Homework: Finish danger sign (directions in ppt) 
    Spring Break!! 
    April 5/6 
    1.  Warm Up: What is the furthest west you've traveled?--powerpoint
    2.  Video Clip: The West
    3.  Notes/color map of territories claimed
    4.  Video: America the Story of Us
    Homework: None 
    April 3/4
    1.  Warm Up: Study!--powerpoint 
    2.  Take Test 
    3.  Work on Westward Expansion Title Page (directions in ppt!) 
    Homework: Finish title page  
    March 30/31
    1.  Warm Up: Presidents review--powerpoint 
    2.  How did Hamilton die?
    3.  Work on study guides
    4.  Grungeball
    Homework: Test on Monday (A Days) and Tuesday (B Days), study guide due on test day!  Let me know if you have any questions about the study guide :)  
    March 28/29
    1.  Warm Up: Jefferson or Hamilton?--powerpoint 
    2.  Gallery Walk of the first five presidents--chart--gallery walk
    3.  Begin "Time: Person of the Year"
    4.  Pass out study guide 
    Homework: Test on Monday (A Days) and Tuesday (B Days), study guide due on test day, finish "person of the year" 
    March 24/27
    1.  Warm Up: Use visual to fill in your side of the chart--powerpoint 
    2.  View other half of visuals, fill in chart
    3.  Go over chart
    4.  Read quotes, decide if it is Jefferson or Hamilton
    Homework: None! 
    March 22/23
    1.  Warm Up: Jefferson and Hamilton--powerpoint 
    2.  In groups: Read biographical briefing: JeffersonHamilton
    3.  Create "visual representation"
    Homework: None (unless you haven't finished your visual metaphor or govt vocab!) 
    March 20/21 
    1.  Warm Up: Government Vocab--powerpoint
    2.  Discuss 3 branches of government--chart
    3.  3 branches game
    4.  Work on visual metaphor 
    Homework:  Finish metaphor  
    March 16/17
    1.  Warm Up: Make name tags--powerpoint 
    2.  Prepare for Convention/build alliances
    3.  Hold Convention
    4.  Vote
    5.  Debrief
    Homework: None 
    March 10/13
    1.  Warm Up: Compromises--powerpoint
    2.  Class Discussion/Notes: Compromises at the Convention
    Homework:  write convention speech  
    March 8/9
    1.  Warm Up: Articles of Confederation Review--powerpoint
    2.  Class discussion/pictures: Constitutional Convention--notes 
    3.  Begin Invitation (directions in ppt!)
    4.  Movie: A More Perfect Unionhttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nsiPJDvV7gI
    Homework: None! 
    March 6/7
    1.  Warm Up: What type of govt would the founding fathers want?--powerpoint 
    2.  In groups: Weaknesses of the Articles of Confederation--chart and placecards
    3.  Go over chart
    4.  T-chart: Old rules, new rules 
    Homework: None 
    March 2/3
    1.  Warm Up:  What is government?--powerpoint 
    2.  In groups: prepare for press conference
    3.  Press Conference
    4.  Begin letter to a founding father
    Homework:  finish letter (directions in ppt!)
    Feb 28/March 1
    1.  Warm Up: 5 minutes to study
    2.  Take test
    3.  Begin early government title page
    Homework: finish title page 
    Feb 24/27
    Review Day!  A Days: Grungeball, B Days: Johnny Tremain
    Homework: study guide due next class, test next class! 
    Feb 22/23
    1.  Warm Up: Treaty of Paris--powerpoint
    2.  Set up timelines--instructions
    3.  Timeline work time
    Homework:  Finish timeline, Revolutionary War Test Tuesday (A Days) and Wednesday (B Days)--study guide 
    Feb 17/21
    1.  Warm Up: Why is each army fighting?--powerpoint
    2.  Tug of War
    3.  Debrief tug of war
    4.  Read about each army/teach each other--chart
    5.  Paragraph 
    Homework: None 
    Feb 15/16
    1.  Warm Up: Who's who?--powerpoint
    2.  Perform skits/fill in chart/listen to songs 
    Homework: None! 
    Feb 13/14
    1.  Warm Up: Battle Paintings--powerpoint
    2.  Create battle skits
    Homework: None! 
    Feb 9/10
    1.  Warm Up: Join or Die--powerpoint
    2.  Read Aloud: Let it Begin Here
    3.  Notes: Dec of Ind
    4.  Discuss key philosophies
    5.  Begin pictures
    Homework: None
    Feb 7/8
    1.  Warm Up: Review of events of colonial rebellion--powerpoint 
    2.  Explain editorial instrucitons
    3.  In pairs: complete prewrite
    4.  Individually: write rough draft and final copy 
    Homework: Notebook check Thursday (A Days) and Friday (B Days); finish editorial 
    Feb 3/6
    1.  Warm Up: Revolution--powerpoint
    2.  Class discussion: what are the different perspectives of rebellion?
    Homework: Notebook check Thursday (A Days) and Friday (B Days)!
    Feb 1/2 
    1.  Warm Up: Your historical figure--powerpoint
    2.  Finish unrest station
    3.  Discuss/video clips of events causing unrest  
    Homework: Start looking over notebook--notebook check at the end of next week! 
    Jan 30/31 
    1.  Warm Up: which situation causes the most unrest?--powerpoint
    2.  Stations: Colonial Unrest 
    Homework: None
    Jan 25/26
    1.  Warm Up: King George III--powerpoint
    2.  Taxation w/o Representation
    3.  Revolution Vocab 
    Homework: Finish vocab 
    Jan 17/18
    1.  Warm Up: Is war justified?--powerpoint
    2.  French and Indian War reading and questions 
    3.  Revolutionary War songs
    Homework: Finish vocab 
    Jan 13/16
    1.  Final colonies assessment 
    Homework: Finish Revolutionary War Title Page  
    Jan 11/12
    1.  Warm Up: Look over notebook
    2.  In groups: social classes in the colonies
    3.  Grungeball 2.0
    Homework:  Begin preparing for final colonies assessment.  We will complete the final draft on Friday (A Days) and Tuesday (B Days).
    Jan 9/10
    1.  Warm Up: What does "freedom" mean to you?
    2.  Notes: Power Triangle 
    3.  Class Meeting: make 3 new rules
    4.  Compare class with history
    5.  Read Aloud: Anne Hutchinson's Way
    Homework: Begin preparing for final colonies assessment 
    Jan 5/6 
    1.  Warm Up: Colonial Regions--powerpoint
    2.  Gallery Walk--chart---gallery walk place cards 
    3.  Begin Journal Entry
    Homework:  Finish Journal Entry (directions in ppt)  
    Jan 3/4
    1.  Warm Up: Colonies Review--powerpoint 
    2.  Brochures Gallery Walk--handout
    3.  Compare/Contrast 3 colonial regions
    4.  Begin pictures
    Homework: Finish pictures (directions in ppt) 
    Dec 20/21
    1.  Warm Up: Find your materials and get started!
    2.  Finish brochures/watch movie: We Shall Remain: After the Mayflower 
    Homework:  Have a good winter break! -
    Dec 16/19
    1.  Warm Up: Facts about your colony--powerpoint 
    2.  Work on brochures
    Homework: None!  
    Dec 14/15
    1.  Warm Up: Color Map--powerpoint
    2.  In groups: Read Information about your colony
    3.  Create a persuasive brochure
    Homework: None! 
    Dec 12/13
    1.  Warm Up: Colonies vocab--powerpoint
    2.  Look at paintings/discuss--reading
    3.  Create "facial features"
    4.  Video: America the Story of Us 
    Homework: Finish "facial features" and vocab 
    Dec 8/9
    1.  Warm Up: Why did settlers come to America?--powerpoint
    2.  Video Clip: Roanoke Island
    3.  In groups: Look at clues (Clue Set 1, Clue Set 2, Clue Set 3 make hypotheses--notes
    4.  Begin Roanoke Diagram
    Homework: Finish Diagram
    Dec 6/7
    1.  Warm Up: Review for test--powerpoint
    2.  Take test
    3.  Work on 13 Colonies title page
    Homework: Finish title page (directions in ppt) 
    Dec 2/5
    1.  Warm Up: Pros and cons of exploration--powerpoint
    2.  Paragraph: Was exploration worth it? 
    3.  Work on Menu Project
    4.  Grungeball
    Homework:  Exploration Test AND menu project due Dec 6th (A Days) and 7th(B Days)--completed study guide--menu project rubric
    Nov 30/Dec 1 
    2.  Geography Bee
    3.  Introduce Exploration Menu Project 
    3.  Pass out study guide
    Homework:  Exploration Test AND menu project due Dec 6th (A Days) and 7th(B Days)
    Nov 28/29
    Field Trip!  Students who are here will watch America Before Columbus
    Homework: None
    Nov 21/22
    1.  Warm Up: Where have we been/where are we going?--powerpoint
    2.  Notes/map: European Explorers 
    3.  In groups: read explorer biographies, answer questions
    4.  Create historical head
    Homework: None!
    Nov 15/16 
    1.  Warm Up:  Different versions of history--powerpoint
    2.  Finish Trial
    3.  Begin trial write up
    Homework: finish trial write up 
    Nov 11/14
    1.  Warm Up: Share ship logs--powerpoint
    2.  Class Discussion: Columbus
    3.  Video Clip
    4.  Reading: Columbus
    5.  Prepare for trial 
    Homework: None! 
    Nov 9/10
    1.  Warm Up: Marco Polo--powerpoint
    2.  In groups: Would you explore?
    3.  Present decision to the class
    4.  Notes: Motivations and Obstacles
    5.  Begin ship log 
    Homework: finish ship log
    Oct 27-Nov 2
    1.  Warm Up: Election Updates: powerpoint 
    2.  Work on Native American Projects
    Homework: Notebook check Thursday, Nov 3rd (A Days) and Friday Nov 4th (B Days)
    Oct 25/26
    1.  Warm Up: Johnny Jocca Intro--powerpoint
    2.  Project work time
    Homework: None! 
    Oct 21/24
    1.  Warm Up: Recycled materials--powerpoint
    2.  Short video: At the winter ice camp 
    3.  Discuss igloo construction 
    4.  Introduce Native American Culture Project
    5.  Project work time
     Homework: Bring in a book or article about your tribe!
    Oct 19/20
    1.  Warm Up:  Share diaries--powerpoint
    2.  Vocab: Resources  
    3.  In groups: Design a Netsilik Sled
    4.  Share sled designs
    5.  Video: How the Netsilik build a sled
    Oct 14/17 
    1.  Warm Up: Arctic Animal--powerpoint 
    2.  Discuss Netsilik migration pattern
    3.  Read Aloud: Antler and Fang
    4.  Create a plan for hunting caribou
    Homework: None!
    Oct 12/13
    1.  Warm Up: Cultural Traits of the Netsilik--powerpoint
    2.  Video: Fishing  at the Stone Weir: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=I-cYeWjQsOE
    3.  Create Storyboard
    4.  Begin reading "The Arctic"
    Homework: Finish Storyboard;  Read "The Arctic," write 5 facts about the Arctic environment on page 22 of your notebook.
    Oct 7/11
    1.  Warm Up: What is Culture?--powerpoint
    2.  Class Discussion: What is your culture?
    3.  Introduce Netsilik Culture--notes
    Homework:  Archaeology project due Wed (A Days) and Thurs (B Days)
    Oct 5/6 
    1.  Warm Up:  Oldest artifacts?--powerpoint
    2.  Video: When did the first humans arrive?--https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=I9ZufQDYEJE
    3.  Go over video questions 
    4.  Create visual describing how and when the first humans arrived in America
    Homework:  Project due Wed, Oct 12 (A Days) and Thursday, Oct 13 (B Days);  Finish visual--instructions
    Oct 3/4 (1st block skip this!)
    1.  Warm Up: What's in the bag?--powerpoint
    2.  Discuss archaeology
    3.  Brainstorm: artifacts in 2016 
    4.  Paragraph: what do these artifacts tell us about life in 2016?
    5.  Introduce archaeology project: Trash Project (block 7) Trash/Survival Project (blocks 2, 3, 4, 5, 8)
    Homework:  Finish paragraph, Project due Wednesday Oct 12 (A Days) and Thursday Oct 13 (B Days)
    Sept 29/30
    1.  Warm Up: Study!--powerpoint
    2.  Geography Test
    3.  Work on title page  
    Homework: Finish title page, brochure due Monday (A Days) and Tuesday (B Days)!
    Sept 27/28
    1.  Warm Up: vocab pictures--powerpoint
    2.  Go over geography vocab 
    4.  GRUNGEBALL!!
    5.  If time: Read Aloud--The Camping Trip that Changed America 
    --Test on Thursday (A Days) and Friday (B Days)--completed study guide
    --Travel brochure due Monday (A Days) and Tuesday (B Days) -- brochure instructions -- brochure instructions 5th block
    Sept 23/26
    1.  Warm Up: Geographic Regions Detective 
    2.  Introduce Travel Brochure 
    3.  Work time
    Geography Test Thursday Sept 29th (A Days) and Friday Sept 30th (B Days)
    Travel Brochure due Oct 3rd (A Days), Oct 4th (B Days)
    Sept 21/22
    1.  Warm Up: Study for quiz
    2.  Take quiz
    3.  Notes: Waterways in American History,  Map of waterways
    4.  In groups: Create a river community
    Homework:  Start studying geographic regions!
    Sept 19/20
    1.  Warm Up: Color regions map--powerpoint
    2.  In groups: Look at pictures, guess your region
    3.  Share your region, take notes
    4.  Map Game!
    Homework:  None
    Sept 15/16 
    1.  Warm Up: Continents and Oceans Quiz--powerpoint
    2.  Mountains brainstorm
    3.  Mountains notes/ pictures
    4.  Mountain songs
    5.  Begin hikers journal 
    Homework: finish hikers journal!
    Sept 13/14
    1.  Warm Up: Timeline reflection--powerpoint
    2.  Color continents and oceans map 
    3.  Continents  and oceans review questions  
    4.  Map game!
    Homework: Continents and oceans quiz next class!
    Sept 9/12
    1.  Warm Up: 6th Grade--powerpoint 
    2.  Class Discussion: What do historians do?
    3.  Begin personal timelines 
    Homework: Finish timeline 
    Sept 7/8

    1.  Warm Up: Why study history?--powerpoint

    2.  Class Discussion-History

    3.  Notebook setup

    4.  Begin Timelines--brainstorm

    Homework: Finish brainstorming "Five Events"


    Sept 2/6

    1.  Warm Up: Think back to 5th grade--powerpoint

    2.  Write hopes and goals for 6th grade--goals handout

    3.  Create Class Rules

    4.  Human Knot

    Homework: None!



    Aug 31/Sept 1

    1.  Warm Up: Make nametags--powerpoint

    2.  Reminder of procedures

    3.  Share nametags

    4.  Go over "Interactive Notebook Guidelines"

    5.  BINGO!

    Homework: get "Interactive Notebook Guidelines" signed.



    August 29/30

    1.  Warm Up: Dot Game--powerpoint

    2.  Introductions

    3.  Name Game

    4.  Go over Course Overview

    Homework: Get course overview signed