• Here are a few links to additional resources that may help reinforce these contents, arranged in order by topic.




    • Cloud types - This file gives examples of the 3 main types of clouds in Earth's atmosphere.
    • Diagramming Atoms - this video shows how to identify the number of Protons, Neutrons, and Electrons, then how to draw a Bohr model of an atom with the Protons, Neutrons, and Electrons.
    • Interactive Model of an Atom - This link will take you to an interactive website.  Play around with building an atom, by putting the correct number of Protons and Neutronsin the Nucleus, and the correct number of Electrons on the Electron shells (and pay careful attention to just how many electrons can fit on EACH shell/level)
    • Periodic Table of Elements song - Students can click on this link, which will take them to a website with a simple song/video of ALL the (currently identifited) elements on the Periodic Table..... and just to think... EVERY form of matter that we know in the whole world (and possibly the whole universe!) is made from different combinations of justthese elements... WOW!.  
    • VIDEO: Model of an Atom - This is a link to a Youtube video, that shows how to identify the number of Protons, Neutrons, & Electrons in Oxygen, then create a (Bohr) model of the atom with this information.




    • Roller Coaster Maker - This website is part of the "Jason's Project".  Click on this link to explore the relationship between Potential & Kinetic energy, and see how they are tied together, as you construct your ultimate rollercoaster (the faster, funner, and safer it is, the more points you get!)   Click on 1 of the 2 links on the webpage for the following:


      • Click on "Learn How to Build a Super Coaster" - Learn how to apply physical sciences, and use potential & kinetic energy to build a great rollercoaster.
      •  Click on "Build a Roller Coaster Right Now" - BUILD your rollercoaster (choose the number of cars, color/style of the cars, then design your track (hills & loops).  YOU WANT YOUR CAR TO MAKE IT THROUGH THE WHOLE RIDE, AND STOP SAFELY AT THE END OF THE TRACK (WITHOUT CRASHING THROUGH THE GATE:)



    • Electricity Generation - Click on this link to watch an animated video from the Department of Energy.  This video will help you understand the WHOLE process about how we get our energy... from our MAIN source of energy (the Sun) to theelectricity in our homes... and learn the real answer to "how many people does it take to turn on a light bulb?"



    • Spring & Neap tides - This link (from NOAA Kids) simply explains & demonstrates the position of the Sun, Moon, & Earth in order to produce Spring tides AND Neap tides.  



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