• Project Resources 
    Use the pages below to help you throughout your research process. 
    This is where you will find a wealth of resources to use in your research project. Databases are a great resources because all of the articles and information that you will find there is peer reviewed (for the most part you don't have to worry about stumbling upon untrustworthy information).  
    This is your one-stop-shop for all your project needs. Need an awesome photo for a presentation? Look no further! Need some catchy music to liven up your video project? We have what you need! Here you will find photos and music that are located in the creative commons (that means you don't have to worry about copyright!).
    These links also include several websites that will help you creative awesome infographics or presentations.  So, make sure to check this page out during your research process.  
    Pathfinders are a great way to navigate the tricky research world.  Here you can find several pathfinders that the librarians have created that can make your research process a lot clearer.  Make sure to check out what we have to offer here. 
    Once you finished your research don't forget the most important part. Citations! Here you will find several guides that will help you understand how to cite all the information that you have gathered.