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    Broad Run will be establishing a branch of the Thespian Society this year. This is a national theatre honorary, and you gain membership through participation in shows.
    Are you eligible? Quick reference:

    Thespian point system summary.

    • Inducted Junior Thespians automatically begin their high school careers with half of the points needed for high school Thespian induction.
    • One point represents approximately ten hours of excellent work. Use this formula in awarding points for items not specifically listed in the point system.
    • To become a Thespian, a student must earn ten points, the equivalent of one hundred hours of work. Five of those points should be acquired at the school where he or she is to be inducted.
    • Induction points should be earned through participation in at least two full-length productions, or one full-length and two one-acts, or four one-acts.
    • Induction points should be earned in at least two of the listed categories, for example, acting and production.
    • At the troupe director’s discretion, students may earn up to five points toward induction through participation in community, children’s, middle school, or professional theatre.
    • Thespian membership is offered to all students who qualify. No student can be elected into the troupe, and no student can be denied membership if he or she has fulfilled all membership requirements.
    Given that Broad Run has some catching up to do, we will gather a bunch of inductees quickly, who would have been inducted previously, and induct them immediately, to launch our troupe into action and start drafting our bi-laws. We will have an additional induction by invitation in the fall.
    Although, we are currently reaching out to sophomores, juniors and seniors, if you think you already qualify as a freshmen, we will consider those who participated in all three productions this year. Here is a look at what the point system will resemble Potential Eventual Point System
    1. Fill out the form outside the black box.
    2. Check your e-mail. When you receive your e-mail, bring in your check for $28 (Made out to Broad Run High School, with "Drama - Thespians" written in the memo) to Mr. Kalbaugh. This all must be completed no later than May 16th to make this year's induction ceremony.
    3. Come to the induction!  
    Thank you for your interest, and go ahead and look around the Thespians' website to get a clearer idea of what we might do here.   
    Some things may include:
    • Picking future plays and musicals.
    • Community Service events
    • Organizing fun activities (bar-b-ques, viewing parties)
    • Creating fundraisers
    • Bringing in guest speakers/artists
    • Inter-scholastic activities
    • Participation in state and national festivals.
    • Collaborating with other school groups.