Hello HPMS Parents and Students!


    Welcome to another awesome year at Harper Park!! The School Counseling Department is energized, excited and ready to support you and your kids! We have wonderful news...... Loudoun County School Board has adopted a budget that allowed for the hiring of an additional counselor at every middle school! So this year Mrs. Harper will have a new role.  She will still be the Lead Counselor, but will also be the Counselor for all students receiving Special Education Services, in all grade levels.  You will see her name at the top of your child's schedule if your child has a current IEP.  


    In addition to an extra counselor, LCPS has allowed for a full time Social Worker at each middle school, and eventually a full time Psychologist.  Mrs. Harper will be working closely with the other counselors, our Social Worker, Psychologist and other key mental health support folks, to enhance our support and prevention services at Harper Park.  We will be meeting on a regular basis as a Unified Mental Health Team to create new programs, as well as improve our already existing mental health services.  


    Some of the goals that Mrs. Harper has for herself and this team are:


    -Increased Restorative Practice training for administrators and teachers. 


    -Increased use of Restorative Practice Community Building circles in all grade levels.


    -Increased number of small counseling groups.


    -Increased Substance Abuse Prevention services for all students and parents.


    -Improved communication and connections with parents/families who need support from county or community agencies.


    -And much more!


    The possibilities are endless with how we can best utilize the expertise of the Unified Mental Health Team, we are so excited about this new opportunity.


    Mrs. Harper will still see students on an individual, group and classroom basis.  Her office is now Computer Lab 3, which is central to all three grade levels.  Students will be able to submit an electronic request to see her (since all students will have devices), they can email her, and/or fill out the slip on her door and drop it in the box. 


    Please reach out via phone or email.  Email is typically the quickest way for her to respond.  Parents are encouraged to make an appointment if you need to visit with Mrs. Harper, her schedule is unpredictable and quite packed most days, it would be unfortunate for a parent to show up unannounced and have to wait a long time or have to return at a different time.



    There are several ways you can get in touch with Mrs. Harper:

    Email her at: Ashley.Harper@lcps.org

    Call the main school number: 571-252-2820

    Follow her on Twitter: @Ashharper9333



Ashley Harper, Lead Counselor