• Principal's Message
    Welcome to Broad Run High School, home of the Spartans. I am excited to be back at Broad Run as principal. There are many great traditions established here, ones that have become part of the entire Ashburn community. Significant to this are the positive relationships that students, parents, and teachers create every day.
    The faculty and staff are committed to promoting the individual achievement and interpersonal skills of our population. I cannot emphasize enough the importance of students getting involved in a co or extra-curricular activity, and for parents to stay involved through the various parent groups, volunteering, or others ways we see together.
    I have a poster on my office wall stating '21 tips to success.' I like number 4 the best, 'Become the most positive and enthusiastic person you know.' It is through our collective optimism and positive contributions that we will work to meet the individual needs of our students, promote respect and responsibility, and equip our students to lead us through the 21st century.
    Yours in education,

    Dave Spage