Mrs. Beasley’s First Grade

     Classroom Management Plan 2017-2018

    Classroom Expectations:

    1. I can listen while others talk.
    2. I can do what my teacher asks me the first time.
    3. I can share with my friends and classmates.
    4. I can raise my hand.
    5. I can do my best!



    Children will earn praise, crock tickets, brag tags from teacher, and rewards (stickers on daily calendar, extra computer time, extra recess, be the leader during morning calendar, etc.) for consistently meeting expectations.


    If a child is not following the classroom rules:


    Teaching and Modeling of Expectations:

    1. Reminder of the expectation not being met.  Teacher modeling of appropriate expectation.

    2. Reminder of the expectation not being met.  Student modeling of appropriate expectation.

    3. Child will be asked to sit in a quiet place for 5 minutes then teacher will discuss what happened and what changes can be made to meet expectations.  For example if a child was asked three times to listen while others are talking they would take a break from the group and the teacher would go over and state the desired behavior, why we listen to others speak, and reminder to take turns speaking for the duration of the lesson.




      I will be in contact with parents either with a note or a phone call if your child is not meeting classroom expectations.  If your child continues to have a difficult time meeting expectations I will arrange a conference with you.

Last Modified on September 26, 2018