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    Students will be asked to act, sing and dance for their auditions. There are roles which require only one to be a strength, but we need to see what you can do, just in case you judge yourself harder than we would.
    YOU WILL AUDITION IN GROUPS OF 4.  You will sing first then act (after all vocals are over). You will audition with the same group in both efforts.
    We will hear all singing auditions then move to acting, with groups who signed up in advance finishing completely, before walk-ins.
    Dancing: Here is a routine for you to learn in advance. After everyone moves through this, you will have a chance to show off your tricks (tumbling or tap?) NO, YOU DON'T NEED TO USE the NEWSPAPER! Stop at that section on video. 
    Acting: The full libretto is available on line: READ AND PRACTICE AUDITION SCENE FOR ACTING
    Pick your own 2 pages to do with your group or scene partner, or we will give you something on that day.
    Singing: Visit the audio recording on Spotify or YouTube: THE SONGS TO SING at AUDITIONS
    Singing Recommendations according to the minutes and seconds on YouTube with first word in ():
       Davy: Seize the Day  Easy (Now) 5-35, Middle (Courage) :35-1:05, Challenge (Behold) 1:05-1:35
        Jack: The World Will Know - easy (When) 1:14- 1:51  challenge - Santa Fe track 2 (Why the) 1:04-1:44
        Katherine: Watch What Happens (Speak Up) :42- 1:22 Challenge (But)  2:31 - End
        Other Newsie: Seize the Day (Now) 2:26 - 2:57  Carrying the Banner (From) 19-47
        Pulitzer (Give) 1:12 -1:40
        Mehta   (I'm) :11-:41,  (I live) :51-1:19,  Challenge (When) 1:51-End
        Crutchie (Anyway) 1:12-2:02  
     The above sections are simply suggestions. If there are other songs, characters or parts you would like to sing, then go for it!  Try to keep it close to 30 seconds.
     When Auditioning:
     Think: "How do I show off a talent during my minute?" You don't want to sound like everyone else. Make me remember you. Take a risk. Be loud. Be entertaining.
    BUILD ON YOUR STRENGTHS. Be strong and clean to get the callback! Practice the part that you feel most confident in and go for it!
    As always: We are looking for BIG VOICES and BIG CHOICES!!!