• Monroe Offers Student Development (SDV 100) College Success Skills

    Mrs. Hamilton, Career Coach at NOVA teaches a one semester NOVA elective called Student Development (SDV 100) College Success Skills. Monroe seniors who plan to pursue an Associate’s degree at NOVA are encouraged to enroll in this course. It provides an opportunity to develop college success skills that help transition the student into their post-secondary education. The course teaches the academic tools for success and the skills of self-management and self-responsibility that directly relates to being a successful student. The course also helps students learn how to make responsible choices about their academic, personal, and career goals. Information about NOVA and community resources, the college’s policies and procedures, and the processes of moving effectively through the educational system is also provided.
    Successful completion of this course earns one college credit towards the Associate Degree at NOVA.
    Seniors who wish to get a jump start on their college credits and learn more about this course may stop by to speak with Mrs. Hamilton. She has a desk in the Career Center at Monroe and is in the building on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays. Feel free to contact Mrs. Hamilton at 571-252-2080 or email her at Christina.Hamilton@lcps.org.