Instrument Rentals

  • Instrument Rentals


    Almost all instruments should be rented from one of our local music stores including A Plus Music, Music and Arts, Shamrock Music, Melodee Music, and other local music stores.  Chuck Levins Washington Music is located in Maryland and is also a great place to rent or buy an instrument.  


    County Owned Instruments Rented Through SMMS




    *All other instruments should be rented though a music store*

    The instrument rental form for 6th graders is on the Smart's Mill Middle School Homepage.  Please e-mail your Director with any questions.

    The Instrument Rental Form for 7th and 8th grade students will be e-mailed out to students and parents.  Please e-mail your Director with any questions.

    Families in financial need should contact Ms. Mandley to discuss renting options.