• Required Materials

    3-ring binder, notebook paper, dividers, pencils, erasers, student agenda



    • Be Trustworthy
      • Arrive to every class on time
      • Complete and submit your own, authentic work – never plagiarize or cheat
    • Be Respectful
      • Be respectful of others and their belongings
      • Complete all assignments and study for quizzes and tests
    • Be United
      • Learn from your successes and failures, and help your peers do the same
      • Contribute your fair share when working in groups
    • Be Excellent
      • Participate in every class, ask questions, and stay organized
      • Attempt all activities with an honest effort



    Cell Phones & Electronic Devices Policy

    In order to help maintain a classroom environment centered on learning, the following policy will be strictly enforced in Ms. Tobey’s classroom.

    Students will not have cell phones (or other electronic devices) on their person, their desk, or visible in any way. Cell phones (or other electronic devices) must be silenced and out of sight at all times unless specifically permitted for instructional purposes.

    • Upon the first offense (after a warning) the student will hand over their device until the end of class. If a student refuses, administration will be notified.
    • Upon the second offense the device will be turned over to the main office for the student to pick up at the end of the day.
    • Any offense beyond that will require a parent or legal guardian to come in and pick up the device from the student’s administrator.


    Math Department Grading Policy

    1. Points/Percentage Breakdown: Each quarter, grades will be determined by dividing the total number of points earned by the total number of points possible, where larger assessments will be worth more than smaller assessments. Graded assignments may include projects, tests, quizzes, problem sets, class work assignments, and homework assignments.
    2. Homework: Homework will be graded for completion only. If it is clear that answers were simply written in, and no effort was put forth, points will not be awarded for completion. 
    3. Quarterly Mastery Assessments: There will be a mastery assessment at the end of each quarter. The mastery assessment will cover all material from previous tests in that quarter. Students WILL be given a test grade for the mastery assessment in the gradebook. In addition, students may be able to REPLACE a previous test grade if they show improvement on the corresponding section of the mastery assessment.


    Make-Up Work

    You are responsible for getting makeup work (notes, homework, quizzes and tests) from me the first day you return to class after being absent.


    Math Resource Center

    Briar Woods High School has a designated math resource center that you can access during your study hall block. You may request a pass to the math resource center from me any time you would like additional help. I will also recommend that you attend the math resource center any time I feel you would benefit from additional help with a topic, especially for remediation prior to SOLs. Please note that you must have a pass to attend the resource center.


    The Briar Woods High School Honor Code, as well as all policies and procedures outlined in the BWHS student agenda, will be strictly enforced in class. You are expected to be very familiar with, and abide by, these procedures.


    *I reserve the right to make changes to these expectations as the year progresses*