• Required Materials

    3-ring binder, notebook paper, dividers, pencils, erasers, student agenda


    Make-Up Work

    You are responsible for getting makeup work (notes, homework, assessments) from me the first day you return to class after being absent.  All notes and assignments will be posted on our Google Classroom.


    Math Resource Center

    Eagle Ridge Middle School has a designated math resource center that you can access during your resource block. You may request a pass to the math resource center from me any time you would like additional help. I will also recommend that you attend the math resource center any time I feel you would benefit from additional help with a topic, especially for remediation prior to assessments and SOLs. Please note that you must have a pass to attend the resource center.


    Student policies and procedures, as outlined in the Student Handbook, will be strictly enforced in class. You are expected to be very familiar with, and abide by, these procedures.


    *I reserve the right to make changes to these expectations as the year progresses*