Disclaimer: Information including topics and dates covered within this nine-weeks plan is intended to provide insight into what is happening in class. Dates and topics may change based on the instructional needs of the class. Please do not hesitate to contact me via email with any questions. 

    Theme A: Contemporary Life- Leisure & Sports       

    Dates: Aug. 24 - Sep. 28

    • Vocabulary for describing sports and leisure activities
    • The verb faire
    • Expressions with faire
    • Expression: Il faut
    • Regular –IR verbs
    • Irregular –IR verbs : sortir, partir, dormir, servir, courir, sentir
    • Vouloir et pouvoir
    • Question formation
    • Quel, quoi and qu’est-ce que ;
    • Adverbs of frequency
    • Negation: ne…jamais; ne…plus

    Theme B: Contemporary Life- Weather, Seasons & Calendar

    Dates: Sep. 28 – Nov. 3

    • Dates – word order
    • Use of decimal and comma with numbers 0-1,000
    • Weather expressions with faire; neiger and pleuvoir, le temps (distinction between weather and time)
    • Imperative of –ER and -IR verbs
    • Spelling-change –ER verbs

    Frequency expressions such as one time, per day, monthly, etc. 

    We will explore the following culture-related topics:

    • how people in the French culture spend their free time
    • popular sports & francophone athletes


    Students will research weather patterns for a specific region in France and present a weather forecast. Students will give information regarding geographic location, use thematic vocabulary, and present and future tenses.

    Oral & Written CPA Testing Window: October 17-October 28 


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