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    Study Hall Procedures


    1. The purpose of study hall is for students to complete academic work as a priority and in a respectable, positive manner. The study hall supervisor is charged with monitoring students so that they are making progress towards that goal.

    2. Students are not permitted to disturb other students, eat, drink anything besides water, sleep, or use electronic devices unless the latter is for an academic purpose. Listening to music is permitted so long as students are also working on an academic assignment and not disturbing other students. See BYOT in the student handbook for more information.

    3. The study hall monitor will first take attendance and then allow students who have sought hallway passes from faculty/staff for relocation, library visits (See guidelines below) or for honor society tutoring to come forward for sign in/out process.

    4. Students are to come prepared to study hall with their work.

    5. Students may work together in pairs/groups so long as it is for an academic purpose.

    6. Presentations from administration, the counseling office, or other building personnel may occur during study hall for administrative purposes.

    7. BYOT/laptops may be utilized during study hall so long as they are employed for an academic purpose. The study hall monitor should facilitate this process.

    8. When study halls are the sites for honor society tutoring, the study hall monitor may sign off on the honor society tutor’s hours log if and only if active tutoring is witnessed.