• Theatre Arts IV - Musical Theatre Syllabus              Wells/Rosenfeld

                The Theatre Arts IV focus for this year is Musical Theatre. Although it’s our hope to add Musical Theatre to the LCPS Program of Studies in the future, offering it as Theatre Arts IV allows us to meet the growing interest in musical theatre performance among our school community.

                The goals Theatre Arts IV/Musical Theatre will be to provide students with instruction in acting and singing skills that relate specifically to Musical Theatre. Students will:

    1.      perform monologues and acting scenes from musical plays from a variety of styles and genres

    2.       develop basic presentational and representational acting skills

    3.      enhance analytical skills required to break down both dialogue and musical lyrics to bring a stronger understanding and intellectual base to their performances

    4.      sing solo music on a regular basis allowing them to both improve and better understand their personal skills

    5.      develop and enhance individual performance skills that will improve understanding and confidence as a solo performer

    6.      create audition pieces and techniques that may prove valuable in other venues

    7.      develop a basic understanding of the history of musical theatre in America

    Quarter 1 – Ballads, monologues, pre-1940’s musicals, basic movement activities and warmups

    Quarter 2 – Up-tempo songs, acting scenes (presentational), 1940’s-1960’s musicals, auditioning

    Quarter 3 – Stretch songs, acting scenes (representational), 1970’s-2000 musicals

    Quarter 4 – Trios and duets, Pop rock, scene creation, 2000-present musicals

                Students will be expected to perform at least one song and one acting piece each quarter, perhaps more if time permits. There will be no textbook. Students will be required to maintain a small 3-ring binder for materials and should have paper for notes and keeping track of resources. This is a skills building class, not a production class, so, although we may put together some kind of cabaret performance at some time, that’s a maybe, not a “for sure”. Students will meet each day in the Black Box/Rm. 151, although the auditorium should be available for us to move into as needed. Our focus will be on acting and singing. Neither Mr. Rosenfeld or I are experienced dance teachers/choreographers, so there will be no formal dance component unless I can find someone willing to come teach one for us.

    You can find Mr. Wells in his office or the Black Box most of the time. His e-mail is John.Wells@lcps.org. My office phone is 571-252-2005. Mr. Rosenfeld’s office is in the Choir room. His e-mail is William.Rosenfeld@lcps.org. His office phone is 571-252-2004.

Last Modified on August 26, 2016