• Syllabus – Technical Theatre       Mr. Wells John.Wells@lcps.org                                   571-252-2005

         We’ll be covering the following areas:
    Theater Safety, The Physical Theater, Script reading for Designers and Technicians, Theatre Equipment and Operation, Scenery and Stagecraft, Basic Lighting Execution, Basic Sound Execution, Production Staff and Running Crew, Stage Management and Scale Drawing and Floor Plans

         You can plan on spending about 40% of the year in lecture discussion.  The remainder of your time will be spent in “lab” or “practicum” situations where you will be learning “hands on” techniques for running shows, building scenery, and operating equipment.  It is hoped that, as a member of the class, you will serve as the core unit for the running crews for our various productions.  This will not be a requirement, but it stands to reason that you would want to gain some practical experience, putting the skills you learn in class, to use in performance situations.

         Safety must be a big issue!  We will spend a few days discussing safety to begin the class, but it will be an ongoing concern for us all.  You will be spending time learning to use saws, drills, wrenches, paint, lumber, ladders, and scenic units necessary for the construction of a set.  To that end, you may want to bring some specific clothing for working during class.  Especially important will be closed toe shoes…no sandals when working.  We’ll have a space for you to leave those items here at school.

         You will be expected to take notes pretty frequently, so plan on bringing some kind of notebook to class, as well as a pencil, every day.  You may also choose to bring some of your own tools to use for class (adjustable wrench, tape measure, etc.).  This is not a requirement, but if you choose to do that, I strongly recommend you also bring some kind of container in which you can store those items in the tech room.

         You’ll be evaluated based, primarily, on your performance in class, however there will be written tests.

         I’m really excited to have the opportunity to teach this class, to work with you, and look forward to a great year!  

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