Theatre Arts III/IV is intended to be a continuation and a culmination of the various things you've learned in Theatre Arts I and II.  You're presence here should indicate a strong interest in theatre.  Consequently, the work will be more challenging and intense.  You will be expected to be more self-motivated than in previous classes, and more responsible in the way you approach your work. The overarching focus of the class will be on production/directing/advanced acting. It is my hope that the class will serve as the spring board for a number of student directed productions that will be performed in the evening in the Black Box.

     The general area's we will be covering this year are as follows:

     1st nine weeks - Audition techniques, directing and ten minute play production.

     2nd nine weeks - Theatre criticism, advanced acting, and      producing the longer play. 

     3rd nine weeks – One-act play production.

     4th nine weeks - Advanced Acting Scenes

    There will be a variety of other assignments and expectations for each of you:

     You will be expected to perform a variety of technical duties for every production.

     You will receive approximately five grades each marking period.  In general, your grades will be based on the quality and effort of your performance.  There will be some written work on occasion.  You will also be graded on the successful completion of assigned projects.

    To  Mr. Wells  email John.Wells@lcps.org or by phone 571-252-2005


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