• COURSE SYLLABUS Theatre Arts II 2014-15

     Theatre Arts II is intended to be a continuation of the various things you've learned in Theatre Arts I.  You’re presence here should indicate a strong interest in theatre.  Consequently, the work will be more challenging and intense.  You will be expected to be more self-motivated than in your previous class, and more responsible in the way you approach your work.

     We will cover the following general areas this year:

     1st nine weeks - Study and interpretation of a classic play, intermediate acting with a focus on Shakespeare.

     2nd nine weeks – Playwriting and intermediate acting.

    3rd nine weeks - Intermediate acting, masks.

     4th nine weeks – Mask performance, Production design/techniques and acting for the camera.

     There will be a variety of assignments and expectations for each of you:

     You will perform some form of memorized work on a regular basis.

     You will be expected to participate either directly in a show or in some supporting role.

     You will receive approximately nine grades each marking period.  In general, your grades will be based on the quality and effort of your performance.  There will be some written work.  You will also be graded on the successful completion of assigned projects.

    There are some textbooks for Theatre Arts II, however we will use them only on occasions when the need arises, and only in class, so they will not be issued to you for the year.

     John.Wells@lcps.org      Drama Office 571-252-2005

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