The fact that you have chosen Theatre I as an elective should indicate that you have a strong interest in theatre. We will be doing a great deal of performing, as well as covering aspects of production and theatre history.  To achieve success in Drama I you will have to be self-motivated and willing to perform and rehearse often.


    Following are the general areas we will cover this year:


    1st nine weeks – Basic stage movement, mime, voice and diction, improvisation, and basic acting.


    2nd nine weeks - Fundamentals of play production, scene work, improvisation, and monologues.


    3rd nine weeks - Stage settings and stage lighting, musical theatre.

    4th nine weeks – Theatre History, Intermediate acting and advanced monologues.


    There will be a variety of other assignments and expectations for each of you:


    You will perform some memorized work on a regular basis.


    You will receive approximately nine grades each marking period.  In general, your grades will be based on the quality and effort of your performance.  There will be some written work on occasion.  You will also be graded on the successful completion

    of assigned projects.


         There is no textbook.


         It's very important that you remember that, unlike many of your other classes, Drama is about how well you perform on your feet.  The key to strong performance is preparation.  When you are given the opportunity to perform, USE IT WISELY!


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