The core of this class is as the name implies...PRE-calculus.  The overall goal of the class is to get you ready to take Calculus (either AP Calculus in high school or freshman calculus in college).

    Since calculus is the analysis of functions and curves, we will be learning about and analyzing curves using the tools of pre-calculus. 

    This course will be problem-based learning and problem-based assessment.  I will give you modules with projects to do and supporting material to help you do the projects.  We will work on the projects in class (and you may need to supplement that with work outside of class).  You will have multiple opportunities to display mastery of the topics we are studying. 


    All course documents, including the syllabus, nine-week calendar, class notes, assignments,and any other thing I can't think of right now are found in our OneNote class notebook.
    (Parents, if you want copies of any of this stuff, don't hesitate to contact me.  I'll send you whatever you want.) 
Last Modified on August 20, 2019