• Art Assessment

    How is my child graded in art?

     It is important to know and understand that everyone is an artist in their own way!


    Students are assessed using the LCPS Visual Art Standards.

    Assessments are NOT based on the child's artistic talent but rather:

    - how they apply the skills taught

    - how they express unique meaningful content

    - the level of craftsmanshop they put into each piece they create

    - their understanding of art concepts


    Below are the assessment marks you will see on your child’s report card and a description of each.

    4—Exceeds Standard

    Student consistently takes the lesson content and goes creatively further in their expression, independently.

    3—Meets Standard

    Student is fulfilling the content requirements.

    2—Progressing to Standard

    Student is beginning to demonstrate the content requirements.

    1—Below Standard

    Student is not yet able to demonstrate the lesson content; the skill may be more difficult and require further practice.




Last Modified on May 27, 2020