•  Mr. B.

    For the 2020-2021 school year, I'll be entering my 23rd year in Education, and my 22nd in Loudoun County. This will also be my 17th year as a Cool Spring Penguin. I have spent my time at Cool Spring in either 5th or 4th grade. I am very excited to remain a part of the Cool Spring Community, and to work with the latest and greatest generation of Cool Spring Penguins. I spent my first years teaching at Guilford & Algonkian Elementary Schools (both located in the Sterling area). I taught fourth grade for the first seven years of my career. After that, I moved to fifth grade, where I spent the next five years. I then spent the two years teaching the full curriculum in fourth grade. This marks my 8th year back in 5th grade, where I am very happy. I am ecstatic to continue to be one of the teachers to help students embrace a love of learning. This year I will be teaching Language Arts, and Mathematics. I'm excited to continue working with Ms. Demasi, and to be working with Mrs. Jennings again.
    I am nervously excited about all the new adventures we're going be a part learning from a distance for the first part of the year. I look very forward to interacting with you and your families.

    Another 10 "Quick Facts" About Mr. B.

    You'll call me Mr. B. :-)

    I don't like bananas. I really don't like bananas.

    Oatmeal Raisins cookies are the best.
    Blue Cheese before Ranch.

    Cauliflower... No thank you.

    Drums not Flats (Wings) Extra Crsipy only

    I like all kinds of music and listen to it way too loudly.

    I don't drink coffee... Starbucks is a scary place, to me.

    Our family has three cats- Lax, Mittens and Butterscotch (Oldest to Youngest)

    I am a twin, and my twin sister lives in Baltimore (Where I grew up)



    Feel Free to email me with any questions or concerns!