• Algebra I and Algebra II  Requirements

    Riverside High School: 703.554.8900

    Mrs. Leidinger’s email address:  Kimberly.leidinger@lcps.org







    • Textbook – provided by school
    • Pencils/Pens
    • Three ring binder dedicated to math
    • Loose leaf paper and loose leaf graphing paper
    • Highlighter



    Homework will be assigned after each class meeting and will be checked the following class.  All homework assignments will be posted on the board during each class as well as on Phoenix/StudentVUE.  Students should try to work all homework problems every day.  Homework is your responsibility and is your best preparation for the following math class as well as quiz and test preparation.  Make sure that you are prepared with any questions from your homework.  IF you do not ask about a problem I will assume that you understand the concepts taught.


    At the beginning of each class I will check homework.  A formative mark will be in Phoenix for each homework that is complete and on time.  Students who are absent should have their homework checked upon their return.  Students who are absent more than one class block will have the number of class days equal to their absence to turn in missing work for full credit.



    I am available during 4th and 8th  block as well as each morning by 8:15. Please email me to set up additional times for help or practice.  Together we can work out a time that fits into your academic schedule.



    All students are encouraged to manage their individual grade reports on line for current progress and grade management.  No student should ever be surprised the end of the quarter.   Grades in our class will be calculated with 90% of the grade determined by summative assessments and 10% of the grade determined by formative assessments.  For our purposes, summative assessments include all formally y graded assignments, including tests, quizzes and projects.  Formative assessments include homework and in-class activities.  Scoring within these categories will be calculated using the simplest formula possible: (point Earned)/ (Points Possible) X 100%




    The use of cell phones, tables, computers, smart watches, or any other electronic device is prohibited during class unless I have directed the students to use them.  All devices must be stored in backpacks, lockers or placed in a designated class room location.  Violation of this rules will result in the confiscation of the device until the end of the school day.  There will be no warnings.


    TECHNOLOGY USE: Students must follow the Riverside Acceptable Use Policy (AUP) when using computers, other electronic devices and internet access.

















    During class, we are continually learning, practicing, and expanding our mathematical skills.  Because of the constant activity, students are expected to be in class and involved at all times.  To help to keep all students involved in class, we will have a 3-minute break to attend to personal needs during the class.  Students must report back from break on time or will be considered tardy for class.




    If you are absent for any reason please check the homework assignment on the web site (Phoenix/StudentVUE) to ensure that you come to the next class prepared.  IF you are absent from class for one block it is expected that you will come to the next class prepared with your assignment. Should you miss any quiz or test in the event of an absence you will make up the assessments during the next class unless other arrangements have been made prior to class.


    Success in this class rests entirely in your hands; please make the best of your opportunities in class this school year!