Books for Children


    School Readiness:

    The Way I Act, S. Metzger

    Totally Tardy Marty, E. Perl

    Kindness is Cooler Mrs. Ruler, M. Cuyler

    She Persisted, C. Clinton




    The Way I Feel, J. Cain

    Glad Monster, Sad Monster, E. Emberley, A. Miranda

    How Are You Peeling, S. Reyman

    Today I Feel Silly, C. Cornell

    What To Do When You're Scared and Worried, J. Crist



    How To Be A Friend, L. Brown and M. Brown

    My Secret Bully, T. Ludwig

    Each Kindness, J. Woodson

    My Friend Isabelle, E. Woloson

    That's What A Friend Is, P.K. Hallinan

    Two, K. Otoshi

    One, K. Otoshi



    The Crayon Box That Talked, S. DeRolf

    Whoever You Are, M. Fox

    The Colors of Us, K. Katz

    Pink Is For Boys, R. Pearlman

    Odd Velvet, M. Whitcomb



    Sitting Still Like A Frog, E. Snel

    Master of Mindfulness, L. Grossman and A. Alvarez

    Take The the Time: Mindfulness for Kids, M. Roegiers

    Moody Cow Meditates, K. MacLean

    Count the Stars, M. Jessop



Last Modified on August 25, 2021