• Hillsboro Charter Academy School Counseling Mission Statement

     The mission of Hillsboro Charter Academy’s School Counseling Program is to empower our students to become resilient, innovative, self-directed critical thinkers and achieve high academic standards. I am dedicated to supporting a life-long love of learning for students in their individual academic, personal/social, and career development needs. I strive to eliminate barriers to academic success and instill intrinsic value in putting forth your best effort and good character. In order to achieve these goals, I work collaboratively with parents, school staff, and community members to provide an equitable, data-driven, developmentally appropriate comprehensive school counseling program designed to offer individualized, small group, and school-wide services.  


    Hillsboro Charter Academy School Counseling Vision Statement
    Hillsboro Charter Academy’s School Counseling Program is driven by the vision that our students will graduate from elementary school with the academic and personal/social skills to be successful in middle school and will be empowered to fulfill their educational, personal, and professional goals. They will have a growth mindset, and will see mistakes not as a personal failure, but an essential part of learning and intellectual development.  


    Hillsboro Charter Academy School Counseling Beliefs and Philosophy

     Hillsboro Charter Academy’s School Counselor believes all students:

    ·         Have intrinsic value and are capable of learning and achieving academic success

    ·         Are dynamic and unique, possessing individual strengths

    ·         Contribute to the HCA school community through their social, ethnic, cultural, racial, and academic background and experiences

    ·         Have the right to access the HCA school counseling program and work with a certified school counselor



    Hillsboro Charter Academy’s School Counselor believes:

    • Learning requires the active participation, mutual respect, and individual accountability of students, teachers, staff, parents, and community members
    • The balance of intellectual, social, emotional, and physical needs are important to academic success


    Hillsboro Charter Academy’s School Counselor:

    • Abides by the professional school counseling ethical code as advocated by the American School Counselor Association
    • Continually participates in professional development activities designed to increase and enhance her skills and credibility in the performance of her duties within the school community
    • Is held accountable through evaluative methods administered by the Principal
    • Serves as an advocate and agent of change for all students
    • Assists in closing the achievement gap


    Hillsboro Charter Academy’s School Counseling program:

    • Is available to all students
    • Provides the tools and support necessary for learning
    • Fosters a positive learning environment that encourages optimal growth and advancement of all students, giving equal importance to their academic, personal and social, and career development
    • Respects the individuality of each student and considers how these differences affect the students’ success in each domain
    • Seeks to eliminate barriers to learning and achievement while building a strong foundation affecting the child’s character, integrity, and individuality
Last Modified on September 1, 2020