•  Art 1

    The standards for Art I emphasize the development of the ability to recognize visual arts content, concepts, and skills needed to create, discuss, and understand original works of art. Students use art-making processes to communicate ideas and personal life experiences. They maintain portfolios documenting their artistic growth. They select representative work to take to the next level of study.
    While the Art Department does provide many supplies for students to use throughout the year, they will need to have some supplies of their own. Should there be any concerns or questions about supplies, do not hesitate to contact me.  Julie.Kang@lcps.org
    Please have materials by 2nd week of school.   
    Art Supplies List for Art 1
    • White drawing paper 9"x12" Sketchbook: white drawing paper, 100+ pages (or greater)Spiral Bound or Hardbound onlyDo not get softcover or gum adhered sketchbooks. It will fall apart. 
    • Twelve #2 Pencils
    • 2 fine point permanent sharpie marker
    • 2 ultra fine point permanent sharpie marker
    • One white eraser
    • A gallon size bag that zips up/closes
    • BIG Glue stick 
    Google Classroom
    All students in Fine Arts are to be linked to Google Classroom. Each period will be given the registration code during the first class and posted below.  This will be the main line of online communication between myself and the students.  All work will be submitted via Google Classroom. Parents are welcome to sign up and see what students are working on.