SPECTRUM provides services for identified students in grades 6-8.  SPECTRUM is scheduled for a half block on a rotating day basis.  The program is designed to meet the needs of gifted learners with an emphasis on higher level thinking skills, problem solving, and decision making.  The program provides students with opportunities for self assessment and reflection on the demands and responsibilities of the gifted learner.

    LCPS Gifted Education Programs and Services for SPECTRUM:

    • Critical & Creative Thinking Skills 
    • Social & Emotional Growth

    LCPS Gifted Services Goals

    • Students will become divergent creative thinkers who recognize problems and solve them.
    • Students will construct personal meaning and understanding of others and the world around them.
    • Students will develop the capacity for self-assessment (ownership of learning).

    Spectrum Goals

    • Students will apply complex thinking skills to identify, define, and solve problems.

    Analysis: Recognizes cause-effect relationships and patterns; Demonstrates use of deductive/inductive reasoning and logic; Identifies/analyzes/evaluates sophisticated problems, strategies, and alternatives; Goes beyond basic mastery of curriculum

    Creativity: Uses imagination/originality to solve problems; Open to unusual ideas; Acts on creative ideas to make tangible and innovative products; Resourceful use of materials


    • Students will pursue, integrate, and transform information across academic core areas.

    Research: Demonstrates depth of knowledge; Asks probing questions; Researches and presents information integral to the purpose; Effective in relating various sources to each other and applies them to issues/problems

    Communication: Supports opinions with facts and examples; Articulates justification of choices; Uses oral and written language with focus and clarity; Complex or intricate presentation of ideas

    • Students will develop the capacity for effective self-directed learning and authentic and appropriate self-assessment.

    Self-Directed Learning: Demonstrates initiative and flexibility; Seeks extended learning opportunities; Pursues and perseveres in challenging tasks; Takes risks in thinking and views failure as an opportunity to learn; Utilizes time and manages workload efficiently; Completes tasks without direct oversight

    Self-Assessment: Reflects critically on learning experiences and processes; Accurately evaluates own learning process; Thoughtfully reflects on the effectiveness/impact of end products

    • Students will demonstrate respect for the ideas, opinions, and perspectives of others.

    Individual Accountability: Open and responsive to new/diverse perspectives; Assumes shared responsibility for collaborative work; Actively participates in completing group tasks

    Collaboration and Leadership: Manages group functioning; Inspires positive behaviors from others; Works well with others to reach consensus


    Spectrum Yearly Themes: 

    Business & Economics, Communication & Culture, Ethics & Perspectives, Technology & Engineering