• Art III/IV - Drawing, Painting, Sculpting, Printmaking, Designing


    The Loudoun County Public Schools’ High School Art Education Program infuses art production, art history, art criticism, and aesthetic critiques. Art III/IV is designed to explore further the skills and techniques acquired in Art I and Art II. Also, this course is designed to challenge the student with higher level creative and critical problem-solving skills. Art III/IV provides students with the opportunity to expressively and descriptively record and control visual perception, understand and use connections between ideas, emotions, and varied media. Students will add to a continuing portfolio for the purpose of generating ideas, recording visual incidence, analyzing historical/professional examples and exploring imaginative/symbolic ideas.
    Project 1 - "Getting to Know You" Elements of Art and Principles of Design
    Project 2 - Snack Attack - Exploring Materials
    Project 3 - Ink and Strings - Drawing Yourself Out
Last Modified on August 22, 2018